A New Adventure in Siberut Island West Sumatra

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government of Indonesia - Adventure in Siberut Island West Sumatra

Adventure in Siberut Island West Sumatra

Are you impressed in the government of Indonesia? Some of you don’t even know this country. You must visit it some time. There are many beautiful areas in Indonesia. That means you can take advantage of its tourism potential. West Sumatra is one of their provinces. The region is mountainous and lovely. Apart from valleys, you can also enjoy other natural attractions. Later, you can learn about Siberut Island. West Sumatra consists of Minangkabau people. It’s a unique and distinct society. Visitors are able to learn the Minang traditions and culture here. You can even feel as a member of the clan.

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About the Siberut Island

As mentioned earlier, West Sumatra has a beautiful tourist destination. The name is Siberut Island. It’s actually the biggest island among other Mentawaian islands. It’s 155 km away from the coast of West Sumatra. The island belongs to Padang Pariaman regency. There are two districts in the island. It’s South and North Siberut. The center of administration is in the Muara Sikabaluan. The local people call themselves Mentawaian. They live closely to nature. It seems that they live in a secluded region. The island has unspoiled rainforest. Here you can find various animals and plants. What a good place for an adventure

The island also has beautiful beaches. These come with white sand. There are also some coral reefs. Overall, you can either relax at the beach or snorkeling. There are some coastal people around. The government of Indonesia has taken a good care of the island, too. The best time to visit Indonesia and Siberut Island is during summer or dry season. It’s around February-June. If you decide to go on the rainy season, you can visit the island in July. Most of the area is covered by tropical rainforest. There are also several rivers here. That means you are going to take a nature adventure on Siberut Island.


Things to Do in the Island

Most of the visitors would like to enjoy the culture and community in the island. Just because Siberut is a small island, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have interesting things. The island consists of traditional lifestyles, culture, and language. Some anthropologists also often visit this location. They want to study the local tradition on the island. There’s also the jungle adventure. Dare you try it? You can explore the island with your friends. It can be a good adventure. No worries. There’s already the guide. He or she will guide you during the jungle adventure.

Another interesting activity in Siberut Island West Sumatra is coastal discovery adventure. Since there are several attractive coral reefs at the east part of the island, you can explore them all. Moreover, there are beautiful lagoons, beaches, and mangroves. Don’t forget to take some pictures of cute animals like dolphins, dugongs, and sea turtles. An adventure in the island becomes another great vacation in your life. The government of Indonesia has provided great facilities for visitors. If you want to avoid disappointments, you need to find the best tourism agency. Everything is simpler if you use the right service.

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