An Amazing Travel to Indonesia – Bengkulu Museum

travel to indonesia - Raflesia Arnoldi

travel to indonesia – Raflesia Arnoldi

Where is your next destination for a vacation? Why don’t you travel to indonesia? There are many provinces that you can visit. For instance, there’s Bengkulu. It’s situated on the Southwest coastline of Sumatra Island. The fact is that Bengkulu is the capital of Southwest Sumatra. In the past, the city became a garrison and trading spot for foreigners. Bengkulu was affected much by the British. Today, you can see the Ford Malborough building in this region. Don’t miss to see the largest flower in the world, Rafflesia Arnoldi. Not to mention there are many other attractive places to visit. Bengkulu Museum is one of them.

 About Bengkulu Museum

travel to indonesia - file press museum bengkulu

travel to indonesia – file press museum bengkulu

It’s the only museum in Bengkulu. It has been the part of the city’s culture and history. Bengkulu was once colonized by the British. That means there are many different cultures combined in a region. The museum displays various collections of audios, objects, ancient texts, and images. Even though it was founded in 1978, it opened in 1980 for public. At the first time, it was built in the same location of Fort Marlborough. 3 years later, it was relocated to a new construction. The reasons were the better location and efficacy. You can find Bersurek clothes, ancient Sanskrit manuscripts, and other unique things inside the museum.

Bengkulu Museum has a vast size. It’s about 10,000 square meters. There are two primary display halls inside. The first one is permanent exhibition hall while the second one is the temporary display hall. There are more than 6 thousand of relics stored in those halls. These items are categorized into 10 different groups. They are ethnography, technology, geology, biology, fine arts, history, and much more. If you love to study cultures, you must not miss this museum when visiting this country. What a great reason to know about travel to indonesia!

Visiting Bengkulu Museum

So, are you interested? Bengkulu Museum is open to the public. It opens from Tuesday-Sunday. You can visit it at in the morning at 08:00. It closes at 13:00 actually. You can’t visit the museum on Monday, though. How can you get there? Fortunately, it’s quite accessible to both local and foreign visitors. You can use either public transport or rental car. If you come from the airport, you need to take 9 kilometers of driving. The closest one is from the bus terminal. It’s only 3 km from the bus terminal to the museum. Don’t forget to prepare some money to pay the transportation fee.

Overall, Bengkulu should be on your list of preferred vacation destinations. You can socialize with locals comfortably. They are kind towards others including visitors. Apart from visiting Bengkulu Museum, you can enjoy other things here. For instance, you can visit Curup, Bukit Daun, Fort Marlborough, and much more. The museum is suitable for those who love history and cultures. You can learn many things inside Bengkulu Museum. Don’t forget to take some pictures around this place. You should travel to indonesia right now! Use this site as your reference. Get the required information and plan your trip right away.

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