An Amusing Diving Experience at Lembeh Strait

Lembeh Strait

Lembeh Strait

Indonesia Archipelago is situated in the tropical area. There numerous of beautiful nature attractions. If you love diving, Lembeh strait should be one of your destination. It is located near to Lembeh Island. The strait separates Lembeh Island from Bitung. The world recognizes this island as the perfect place for muck diving. What is muck diving, exactly? It’s a distinct diving activity. The aim is to spot numerous critters beneath the sea. This is a different experience from a regular diving activity. It is an opportunity to find weird critters like hairy frogfish, giant frogfish, banded sea snake, and much more.

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Muck Diving in Lembeh Strait

Most tourists are attracted to the beauty of Lembeh strait. It’s a slice of paradise. You should come here, too. The underwater views are mesmerizing. Apart from underwater critters, you may expect bigger sea creatures like dugongs and whale sharks. Though, the chance is slim. There are also other strange and weird sea creatures in this strait. You should never throw away this opportunity. It is also a good spot for casual diving. There are many dive sites in this location.

Lembeh Strait - Night Diving

Lembeh Strait – Night Diving

According to most tourist information, there are more than 50 dive sites around Lembeh Island. However, Lembeh strait is the best spot for much diving. If you look for steeper walls and more vibrant corals, you should go to the east part of the Island. Some dive sites are available here. Both of those locations offer astonishing coral gardens. Two most recommended dive sites are California Dreaming and Angels Window. What about the beginners? No worries. You need only to learn diving conditions at Lembeh.


Lembeh Strait is Everyone’s Destination

Here’s the good news. Lembeh strait always becomes a perfect location for diving. Regardless of the season, it is safe to dive here. The diving conditions are quite satisfying. Since Lembeh Island covers the strait, there’s almost no current. For muck divers, you need to expect low visibility. If you are beginners, you only need to enjoy the shallow sea water. That means you don’t need to dive more than 9 meters. Also, it doesn’t take much tank air. Everything is good and safe.

Lembeh Strait Diving Map

Lembeh Strait Diving Map

Regardless of your level, you need to follow the instruction. Make sure that you come early. The boats leave in the morning, you should have prepared. The sea trip can be either short or long. It depends on the dive location. Once you reach the destination, you are able to enjoy your activity. After your first dive, you may have some snacks and beverages. Drinking coffee or tea is the best choice, actually. It helps you rejoice your energy.


Visiting Lembeh Strait

The best time to visit Lembeh Island is during a dry season. Usually, tourists come between March and October. If you come during the wet season, you should come in November. Accommodation is another important aspect. In this case, you should make a reservation beforehand. When it comes to diving equipment, you can either bring your own or rent it. Make sure you prepare the money. The price may elevate during the peak season. It’s wise to have a bargain skill, for sure. Enjoy!

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