Amusing Health Benefits of Watermelon

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Watermelon is known as Semangka in Indonesia

Watermelon is known as Semangka in Indonesia

During summer, a slice of watermelon is quite refreshing. It is a famous fruit in tropical countries like Indonesia. Still, you can find it all over the globe. The thing is many people don’t know health benefits of watermelon. They only eat the fruit without knowing its significance. It is known as “Semangka” in Indonesia has given numerous health benefits for consumers. The fruit has juicy interior flesh and the color is deep red. You can find other colors, though. These include yellow, pink, white, orange, etc.

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Health Benefits of Watermelon

So, what can you get from it? Semangka is considered a healthy fruit. This includes:

  • Anti-Aging

Eating “Semangka” helps you improve skin condition. Thanks to its vitamin C and a. Not to mention it contains lycopene. The fruit is also famous for its antioxidant. Thus, you can fight free radicals and prevent premature skin aging. The nutrients help manage skin’s humidity. It can also help you avoid dehydration. The effect is similar to when you are eating cucumber. On top of that, it prevents several skin issues like acnes.


  • Natural Viagra!

Well, this is a unique benefit of “Semangka”. Many experts have approved it, too. The fruit helps reduce and deal with impotency. The best thing is its zero side effects. Unlike conventional Viagra pills, eating watermelon causes no harm. Instead, it helps you improve sexual quality in an efficient manner.


  • Kidney Health

Those who eat “Semangka” are able to retain kidney’s health. The fruit contains useful potassium. It eradicates toxins in your kidney. Thus, it helps improve such organ’s performance. The fruit also helps reduce the uric acid level in a significant way. On top of that, eating watermelon helps you avoid the creation of kidney stones. It is a simple way to retain your health, after all. What you need is daily consumption of watermelon.


  • Reducing the Risk of Stroke and Hypertension

Many people don’t believe it. A watermelon is able to prevent severe health issues like hypertension and stroke. Thanks to the carotenoid. The fruit is able to prevent veins hardening. That means you can keep cardiovascular problems away. Also, a regular consumption of watermelon helps you retain heart’s quality. This is one of the best health benefits of watermelon!


  • Dealing with Sprue

Do you suffer from sprue? It is caused by bacteria. If left untreated, it gets worse over time. The simplest solution is consuming more vitamin and water. The key is to prevent bacteria development in the mouth. A watermelon is similar to lemon and oranges. It gives you an abundant amount of vitamin C, so you can both prevent and overcome sprue.


One of Indonesian Fruits

You have learned several health benefits of watermelon. What’s next? It is time to look for the fruit. Indonesia is one of the best producers of that fruit, especially in Jember City. You can find many farms in such region. The flesh is wonderful and it gives you a refreshing mood. The taste is sweet and delicious. It is a perfect snack in summer! If you visit the country in the near future, make sure to reach Jember. It is a primary destination to enjoy high-quality watermelon!

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