Visiting Ancol Dreamland – the Best Place for a Vacation Retreat

Ancol Dreamland

Ancol Dreamland

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. It is also a core of the government. Does it mean the city is so uptight? No, it doesn’t. There are numerous interesting tourist spots in Jakarta. Have you ever visited Ancol Dreamland? It is located in North Jakarta. This recreational facility becomes the biggest one in Indonesia. It is the center of entertainment and family attractions. In fact, it opens around the clock. There are many types of attractions and these operate on distinct schedules. Thus, you should learn the schedules prior to visiting Ancol.

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Getting around Ancol Dreamland

Visitors should pay the entrance fee. The price varies and it depends on the season. The cheapest entry fee is during working days. That means you may expect expensive price during weekends or holidays. The thing is this place is quite large. You can even get lost if you wander inside by yourself. Even though there is a cable car system, it isn’t quite efficient. You must wait for the queue. The best option to get around inside Ancol Dreamland is a bicycle rickshaw. In some occasions, walking is also recommended.

Ancol Dreamland

Map of Ancol Dreamland

Ancol Dreamland has many attractions. For example, you can visit the Fantasy World. Local people call it “Dunia Fantasi”. The facility features some rides like Ferris wheel, spinning tea cups, turning thrilling tide, and much more. One thing, some of the rides aren’t suitable for kids. Make sure you keep your children safe. Apart from the rides, you can also enjoy some theater performances. These are definitely entertaining. Most of the visitors are families. Some couples also often come here, in fact.

Ancol Dreamland



More Attractions in Ancol Dreamland

Next, there is Sea World. As the name suggests, you can witness numerous sea creatures inside a giant aquarium. You can see beautiful marine animals like turtles, dolphins, eels, giant crabs, etc. This place is famous among families with kids. The parents can introduce these creatures to their children. It is as interesting as Atlantis Water Adventure. This one is a waterpark. Kids will definitely love it. This place is the resemblances of a small Atlantis. You can enjoy some water attractions like slides, river pool, and much more.

What is next? It is time to visit Ocean Venues. The other name is Gelanggang Samudra. Here you can see animal attractions. Some cute animals may perform tricks to entertain the visitors. These include sea lion, dolphin, and much more. You can also enjoy high-quality films here. If you are hungry, you can visit some eateries nearby. Also, don’t forget to visit Marina Beach. There are many boats to rent. You can get around riding sailboats, jet skis, or others.

Ancol Dreamland also offers a famous art market. You may expect meeting local artists. That means you can also buy some artworks. There are some beautiful items like rattan, batik, puppets, and musical instruments. What a great place to enjoy culture! With all of these attractions, Ancol Dreamland should be everyone’s top destination in Jakarta. It is a wonderful place to enjoy a family vacation. Don’t you agree?

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