Another Spicy Specialty Food from Indonesia – Ayam Taliwang

Asia tour destination - ayam-taliwang

Asia tour destination – ayam taliwang (source from

If you have decided to visit a beautiful Asia tour destination like Indonesia, you shouldn’t miss Ayam Taliwang. Ayam means chicken in English. It’s one of the spiciest foods in Indonesia. It’s a traditional cuisine from Lombok. It’s actually a grilled chicken. It’s suitable for those who love spicy foods. Do you like chicken? Good. Ayam Taliwang offers a life-changing experience. The meat is soft and the flavor is quite fiery. Lombok is a beautiful island. It’s at the same level as Bali. The beauty of the beaches in Lombok is unsurpassed. Ayam Taliwang makes this island more famous, in fact.


Things to Know

The history of Ayam Taliwang isn’t quite clear. However, there’s a name. It’s Abdul Hamid. Local people believed that he was the inventor of this food. It was in 1970. There’s another version of the story. Ayam Taliwang was a favored dish of Sasak upper class. In terms of etymology, the name represents Karang Taliwang. It’s the capital of Lombok. Thanks to this traditional food. You can find another spicy cuisine in Indonesia. That means you have a reason to visit this country. A vacation in Lombok isn’t all about beaches. The foods are great, as well. It’s a waste if you don’t try Ayam Taliwang here.

Asia tour destination - ayam-taliwang

Asia tour destination – ayam taliwang

Lombok is a famous Asia tour destination. It’s as popular as Bali. However, there’s one thing that Bali doesn’t have. It’s Ayam Taliwang. It’s made mainly of chicken. The cook will cut and clean the chicken professional prior to cooking. He uses a pestle to tenderize the chicken once it’s grilled. The next step is the dipping. It’s easy as you need to use only cooking oil. Next, it’s the creation of a spicy sauce. There are many spices used. These include shrimp paste, chili, and garlic. Actually, you can either grill or fry the chicken. Grilled Taliwang tastes better, though.




Unique Taste of Ayam Taliwang

As mentioned earlier, Ayam Taliwang can be either grilled or deep-fried. The key to fiery taste is the cover of sambal. The taste is both hot and sweet. As for the side dishes, you can either include eggplant or spinach. Remember, the cook uses small free range chickens or spring chickens. In Indonesia, it’s called “ayam kampung”. You can even find many variations these days. Some instant noodle manufacturers use Taliwang as one of their product flavors. The best place to find Ayam Taliwang is in Lombok. Fortunately, there are many restaurants that sell it all over Indonesia.

Even though you are in Jakarta, you can buy Ayam Taliwang. For example, you can eat Ayam Taliwang Rinjani. It’s available in many restaurants in Jakarta. The taste isn’t as great as Lombok’s Taliwang, though. That means Lombok should be your primary Asia tour destination when it is about this spicy cuisine. Nothing can beat an original Ayam Taliwang. Even though it’s a simple dish, you need lots of practice in recreating it. Many locals in Lombok are quite kind. They may teach you how to cook this food properly. What a great opportunity! You mustn’t miss it!

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