Badui Community is a Matchless Indonesia Tourist Place

Banten should be your next Indonesia tourist place to visit. Due to its unique language and culture, the city has attracted many foreign tourists. Are you next? The local people call themselves Sundanese. Banten is situated in the western part of Javanese Island. It’s worth a try. You must spend a beautiful vacation here. In terms of variety, Banten has several famous places for tourists. For example, you can start with the Badui community. It isn’t a building. Instead, it’s a unique society. You can reach it from Luwidamar district. The distance is 10 km from that region. What can you enjoy here?

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Indonesia Tourist Place – What is Badui Community?

Sometimes, the community isn’t for public. You must find the best time to visit Badui society. There are several ceremonies such as Seba. It’s a commemoration of farming products offering. The recipients are Chief resident, sub-regent, and the District head. When performing this ceremony, people won’t use any transportation. Instead, they walk. As a matter of fact, the distance is more than 100 km. This represents both perseverance and consistency. In order to access special Badui region, it requires a written permission from the district office. The worst part is that it takes up to a week to process. What’s more?

Indonesia tourist place - Badui Community

Indonesia tourist place – Badui Community

The Badui community isn’t an official Indonesia tourist place. However, it becomes one of the most interesting places in Banten. The tribe consists thousands of Sundanese. They are all living in the south part of Rangkasbitun region. These villagers live in the mountains. They have a strong culture. Needless to say, they prevent modern world offered by the government. Here’s an interesting fact for you. They even refuse any western schools projects in their area. In the middle of Badui community, there are 3 primary villages. They are Cikeusik, Cikartawana, and Cibeo. An unharmed culture makes it an interesting tourist location.


Visiting the Society

Visiting this unique society gives you an amazing experience. You can fit their local life and culture. The best way to make friends with these people is through gifts and food. Remember, the society won’t accept a group of tourist. The maximum number of a tour group is 8. Otherwise, they won’t allow you to enter the location. Not to mention you must get permission from Rangkasbitung office. Once you get the approval, you can go directly to the entry point. It’s situated in Cibolger. Basically, the people are friendly to visitors. They will bring you to other villages as well.

Are you concerned about the weather? Basically, the perfect time to visit an Indonesia tourist place is during the dry season. It’s comfortable for tourists. Banten isn’t an exception. One thing, Java Island has a high amount of rain. Thus, you must avoid the rainy season. May-June is the best time to visit Indonesia. The weather is calm and comfortable. That means you can really enjoy visiting the Badui community. It’s an irreplaceable experience. No other places have the same uniqueness. It has pure culture. Thanks to local people. They aren’t affected by modern influences. Are you ready to go now?

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