Balanga Museum in Central Kalimantan Represents the Local Culture

 Central Kalimantan - Museum Balanga sample collection

Central Kalimantan – Museum Balanga sample collection

Are you interested in visiting Indonesia in the near future? Borneo Island is indeed a good place for you. As for reference, there’s Central Kalimantan. It’s the biggest province of the island. It’s surrounded by nature. Most of its territory is a forest. However, you can find some interesting tourist destinations as well. The climate is humid and hot here. You won’t expect too much rain here. In this province, you are able to enjoy both cultural and nature tour. Thanks to its natural reserves. If you want to learn some local culture, there’s Balanga Museum. It’s a famous tourist place in Central Kalimantan. It becomes your prime reason to visit Indonesia.

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About Balanga Museum in Central Kalimantan

The museum is situated in Palangkaraya. You can reach it either using public transport or private vehicles. No worries, the access is quite easy. The fact is that it’s located near to Bundaran Besar. Even though the museum isn’t popular among foreign tourists, local people often visit it. Today, more foreigners come to this location. The local government established the museum in 1973. At the first time, it’s only a regional museum. The prime function of Balanga Museum is to display the exclusivity of natural resources and local culture. In 1990, it became a major museum of the province.

In Balanga Museum, you can see various types of cultural collections. There are even different groups. These include archeology, history, and many others. No wonder. Many tourists want to visit Indonesia. When you enter the exhibition room, you can feel the nuance of traditional life. It’s rich in Dayak culture. There’s the collection of equipment, as well. For some visitors, the museum can be quite challenging. It will be easier if they hire a guide. He or she will tell you about everything. For example, you can learn the Tiwah ceremony. There are also traditional weapons like Mandau, Chopsticks, etc. Not to mention there are unique traditional sculptures.


Visiting a Unique Museum

Balanga Museum is actually easy to reach. You can find it once you arrive at Palangkaraya. The size is about 5 hectares. There are some local guides already. Visitors can use their help. The museum becomes a public place. That means everyone can visit regardless of the age and background. It opens every day. You can even visit it at 8:00 am in the morning. Most of the visitors are families. Don’t forget to bring your spouse or children here. If you come with kids, you need to let them decide. They are curious about anything. Don’t make a decision alone. They want to enjoy the vacation too.

Central Kalimantan becomes another reason to visit Indonesia. Balanga Museum is one of the most interesting places in Borneo. Before visiting Palangkaraya, you need to check the weather. After all, tourists should know the best time to visit Indonesia. The dry season is a good choice. It’s around July and September. Even though January and February have lots of rainfalls, you still have the chance to enjoy a vacation. Still, it won’t be as comfortable as dry season. Recently, the climate in Borneo becomes more difficult to find out. You need to talk to your tour agency first.

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