Bandung Indonesia Information for Beginners

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Gedung Sate Bandung Indonesia

Gedung Sate Bandung Indonesia

Bandung Indonesia as the Paris van java

Why you must visit Bandung Indonesia ?. Java is always tempting as a tour Indonesia destination. Of thousands of islands that make up the Republic of Indonesia, Java becomes the heartland of the country. It becomes the center of politics, economy, and culture through centuries. Not to mention it’s the most populated island in Indonesia. It has 5 provinces. West Java is actually an interesting province to visit. It’s situated at the Western part of Java Island. The region consists of green valleys, mountains, and some volcanoes. West Java became was the place from which British and Dutch set foot in Indonesia at the first time. When it comes to a vacation, you must visit Bandung.

 A Vacation to Bandung Indonesia

Bandung is actually the capital of such region. It’s situated around 180 kilometers southeast from DKI (Jakarta). Even though Bandung is more crowded than Jakarta, it doesn’t have a fast city life pace like Jakarta. The city is located on a highland. It’s more than 700 meters above sea level. Needless to say, it offers great scenery and culture. Some people even call Bandung as the resemblance of a European city. There are numerous vacation destinations in such city. These include Tangkuban Perahu crater, Bosscha Observatory, and Lembang. There is also a hot springs resort nearby. You can relax in its warm water pools.

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It will be your wonderful tour Indonesia. The hot springs can even heal your skin problems. The resorts provide some facilities such as cottage, tennis courts, a bar, and restaurants. When visiting Bandung, don’t miss the chance to see some traditional attractions such as Angklung orchestra, Wayang Golek puppet show, and local dances. The city also has a famous and prestigious institution namely ITB. Overall, Bandung is a perfect place to enjoy both natural and traditional attractions. It can be a perfect place for many. Just bring your family here and feel the joy.


Nearby Tourist Attractions

Bandung Indonesia has unique language and culture. It’s the Sundanese. It’s also used to call the locals. There were some ancient kingdoms such as Cirebon, Banten, Pajajaran, and Tarumanegara. Many archaeologists would be happy to study the history of Bandung. Apart from Bandung, you can visit other cities of West Java. Banten and Cirebon are good alternatives. For many, Bandung is a romantic city. It’s a nice place to enjoy the sunset. Here’s an idea. You can go to the Valley for romantic dinner. It’s actually a Western restaurant. It provides good food and an amazing view of the sunset.

Simply put, Bandung offers various attractions for visitors. You determine what you should do in this city. If you want to enjoy a relaxing nuance of an eatery, there’s Kampung Daun. It’s considered as one of the best restaurants in Bandung. It offers delicious foods and comfortable outdoor setting. Most visitors in Bandung are neighbor citizens. There are some foreign tourists as well. They often visit Kawah Putih. This location is famous due to its beautiful lake. You can visit it either by a tour Indonesia agent or private vehicles. It can be quite hot during summer. Don’t forget to make a preparation prior to visiting Bandung.

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