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Bank Negara Indonesia

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Like other countries, Indonesia has many state-owned enterprises. One of them is Bank Negara Indonesia. The locals often call it BNI. There is only one prime director and he leads the organization. According to the fact, this bank is the oldest among others. More people are interested in learning about the history of the bank, as well. It was formed in 1946. Today, you can find roughly 915 branches all over Indonesia. There are also 5 branches in nearby countries. There is even a sharia BNI. It becomes a different corporation these days due to the spin-off.

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About Bank Negara Indonesia

The bank was founded by Margono Djojohadikusumo. At the first time, he was a member of BPUPI. BNI has an important role, especially to publish and manage Indonesian Currency. It acts as one of the most crucial banks in Indonesia. Margomo became an innovator and a significant businessman in Indonesia. He even introduced business etiquettes to other businessmen, especially in the banking industry. He promoted an idea and created a centralized bank. In 1955, BNI obtained its role as a foreign exchange bank.

Bank Negara Indonesia

Bank Negara Indonesia

Soon, Bank Negara Indonesia got more capitals from different sources. It also turned into a public bank in 1955. There have been many improvements, as well. In 1968, the bank got a better legal status and it turned into a limited company. As the time went by, there were more improvements made. For instance, the company introduced both credit and debit cards. It was in 2013, actually. Many businessmen also took advantage of this bank to develop their industry. It also changed its motto over time. Today, it becomes “BNI gives more”.

There are 4 principles of BNI. These include integrity, professionalism, customer-oriented services, and infinite improvements. With all these principles, the bank tries to give the best to its customers. In terms of professionalism, the bank tries to be more competent and gives the best to clienteles. When it comes to the integrity, the management always applies an honest and sincere service. What about the customer oriented? With a solid relationship, the bank is able to work well with customers.


BNI as one of the Best Banks in Indonesia

BNI always only aims for perfection and improvements. Not to mention it works both in an innovative and creative way. These days, it has been working with numerous corporations especially in terms of sponsorship. The bank has become a helpful sponsor for numerous national and international events. Most of them are related to the sports events. These include Sea Games, Asian Games, and many others. The thing is it tries to give the best both for customers and partners.

As for tourists, Bank Negara Indonesia can provide excellent information regarding Indonesian Currency and any related issues. It is also possible to exchange money there. For the locals, BNI has become one of the most reliable banks in Indonesia. No wonder, more people create an account and start investing in it. There are many finance programs, as well. Overall, you only need to learn your options prior to opening an account. Enjoy!


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