A Secluded Beach in Bangka Belitung – Batu Bedaun

Indonesia Tourism -Pantai Batu Bedaun Sungailiat Bangka

Pantai Batu Bedaun Sungailiat Bangka

A Secluded Beach in Bangka-Belitung – Batu Bedaun Beach

Indonesia tourism always becomes an interesting topic. The nation has many provinces. Each of regions even has its own tourist attractions. It takes much time to visit all of these locations. So, are you interested? You shouldn’t miss Bangka-Belitung. This province has two big islands. It’s Bangka and Belitung Island. You can find some tin mines here. Apart from this abundant natural resource, most tourists enjoy its beautiful nature. It has the potency of tourism, after all. Thanks to its strategic location. Visitors can access many interesting areas here. What about new visitors? Do you have a problem in choosing a tourist destination in Bangka-Belitung? Here’s a reference for you. The name is Batu Bedaun beach.


The Beach is Unique for Indonesia Tourism

The beach is located in Sinar Jaya village. It offers both uniqueness and beauty. It’s the neighbor of Parai Tenggiri beach. That means you can enjoy two beaches at once. It has a unique characteristic. There are many trees grow out of rocks. According to local belief, there was a tiny island in the midst of the beach. It’s comprised of big rocks and trees. Thus, the name means a rocky leaf beach. It’s indeed a unique name for a beach. Apart from its uniqueness, it has also the beauty. The water is clear and the air is cool. It’s a perfect coast for sunbathing, swimming, taking pictures, and fishing.

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Batu Bedaun beach becomes a great Indonesia tourism for families and couples. You can even enjoy a holiday alone here. The refreshing atmosphere and charming beach will make your day. It’s a wonderful nature. The beach is quite reachable. You can take a public vehicle from Toboali city. The trip is a little bit long, though. Before visiting the beach, you must make a preparation. You don’t want to spoil your vacation, do you?


Things to Know

Most of the people visit the beach during holidays. If you want to visit Batu Bedaun beach with your family, make sure they are free from work. A vacation should be stress-free and relaxing. You don’t want to think about works while spending a vacation here. Don’t forget to pack your things. Once you have made up your mind, you must prepare the stuff. It includes tickets, visa, accessories, and anything. Sunglasses are a good idea, too. What about a camera? Well, you need to bring it as well. Take some pictures while playing around at this beach. It’s going to be a great vacation.



The Best Time to Visit Batu Bedaun Beach

Nesia.id is your guide for Indonesia tourism. The best time to visit Bangka-Belitung is in April-October. The seas are calmer during this period. In December, the tides and rains are harsh. This indeed isn’t a good time. Overall, the best time to visit Indonesia is during sunny day and summer. The weather is nice and the island is windy. It’s a perfect occasion for everyone. Regardless of the reasons to visit Bangka Belitung, you need to choose the perfect time. Don’t ruin it. A bad weather will make your holiday spoiled. It should be comfortable and fund, instead.

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