A Beautiful Indonesia Vacation in West Papua

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Beautiful Indonesia - jaya wijaya

Beautiful Indonesia – jaya wijaya, the highest mountain in Indonesia

West Papua has several hidden beauties. Even though many people overlook the fame of this province, it always becomes a beautiful Indonesia vacation destination. Irian Jaya has many beauties including beaches, rivers, rain forests, and many others. There’s even a famous Jaya Wijaya. It’s the highest mountain in Indonesia. The temperature in Irian Jaya is humid and hot. Here’s another fact. It’s the 2nd largest island on the planet. The beauty of West Papua is exceptional. You won’t regret to visit the most eastern part of Indonesia. You can visit http://tour.maiga-travel.com/ for more information about tour package to West Papua


About the Islets for beautiful Indonesia

Among various options of tourism destinations, there are famous Casuarina Islets. These small islands were created thousands of years ago. In the north isle, you can find various floras and fauna. There are some species of plants like beaded samphire, sea celery, and many others. When it comes to animals, there are reptiles, birds, and mammals. There are also famous fur seals. Not to mention you can witness sea lions. Do you want more? There are pacific gulls, rock parrots, and marbled gecko.

What about the south islet? The most famous fauna is the Austral seablite. There are some reptiles and birds, as well. Both the north and south islets are worth to visit. The Casuarina Islets were founded in 1803. Thanks to Nicolas Baudin. His one who ordered the expedition was Louis de Freycinet. Today, many visitors come to this tourist destination. The other name of the islets is The Brothers. If you come to West Papua, you must make sure to visit this beautiful Indonesia tourist destination.

There are several things to know for beginners. It’s because there are many things to do in Casuarina Islets. For instance, there are some local places to enjoy a beverage. It’s a perfect place for a family vacation. It’s also a home to various events. It’s a perfect place to relax. More people visit these islets. Many of them want to witness numerous floras and faunas. You can do the same thing. If you are lucky, you can find exotic animals like marbled gecko. Don’t forget to take pictures of these animals.


Other Attractions in West Papua

Well, West Papua isn’t about Casuarina Islets. There are other beautiful Indonesia tourist destinations there. Most of the Papuans are farmers. You can eat local foods like sweet potatoes and sago. There are some local eateries nearby. The price is affordable. You don’t need to worry about the price. The most important thing is to find a local guide. He may help you explore West Papua comfortably. If you decide to go alone, you must carry a map.

As a beautiful Indonesia tourist spot, West Papua offers numerous beauties. One of them is the Casuarina Islets. There are other tourist destinations as well like Raja Ampat Islands (read : A Piece of Dreamland in Papua – Raja Ampat Islands). West Papua also has a famous bird. The name is the Birds of Paradise. If you like sea creatures, there are some diving spots around the island. You can enjoy the best diving site in Papua. Don’t forget to hire a professional guide. Not to mention you need to find a good tourist agent, too.

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