The Beauty and Threats in Borneo Rainforest

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Borneo Rainforest

Borneo Rainforest

Borneo Island is one of the biggest islands in the world. Three countries share a territory here. Indonesia is located in the south part of the island. There are Sabah and Sarawak as well. These two regions are the parts of Malaysia. Another one is Brunei. Indonesia calls the island Kalimantan. It’s rich of nature and forest. The Borneo Island is covered mostly by forest. The illegal logging has a significant effect on the island. Not to mention the rainforest land isn’t suitable for agriculture.


Borneo Rainforest and Its Problems

Borneo Rainforest

 The main attraction of the rainforest is the species diversity. There are different floras and faunas. The rainforest also becomes the home of rare animals like orangutans, rhinos, and many others. Orangutans are the most famous one. They are tree-dwellers. Orangutans are considered as a peaceful creature. The remaining habitats are in Borneo and Sumatra Island. A female orangutan can only bear a baby once at a time. Today, they face many challenges in order to survive. Thanks to the government. Orangutans are now protected.

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The rainforest in Borneo faces many challenges. Bad people cut the forest for timber, rubber, and other resources. The illegal logging also grows bigger over time. Not to mention there’s illegal wildlife trade. Land conversion and deforestation have a bad impact on the island. There’s also harsh climate change. If these problems remain, there will be no more rainforest in Borneo. The biggest threats are conversion activities, land clearing, and logging. People start using the chainsaw in cutting down the trees. The problem gets worse with the existence of caterpillar tractor.

There are also the new roads and houses. The new roads provide an easy access to reach new trees to cut. That means illegal hunters can look for new opportunities easier. The thing is deforestation is a global issue. It happens around the world. The cases get worse in rainforest areas, though. In fact, Borneo suffers the worst deforestation. It happens every day. Another problem is the gold mining. It has an impact on the ecology. Local people also complain about polluted rivers.


Everyone Should Save Borneo Rainforest

The consequences of deforestation in Borneo are quite devastating. It even impacts the habitats of orangutans. These endangered species isn’t able to tolerate human’s bad behaviors. Thanks to the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation and other associations. These people are fighting on the behalf of such animal. The industrialized civilization remains, though. It’s the source of destruction of the rainforest. In order to prevent further damages, the government should educate their young generations. It’s the preventive measure against deforestation.

Overall, deforestation in Borneo rainforest has long-term consequences. It causes many damages to the environment. Illegal logging ruins the soil quality and causes desertification. That means the land isn’t able to absorb carbon. The other effects are erosion and pollution. Both local people and the government should work together. At least, they need to get rid of bad people in Borneo. The rainforest is the home for many animals and plants. Even orangutans live in there. The problem gets worse if people are ignorant.

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