Beras Basah Island Vacation Revealed

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trip to Indonesia - Beras Basah Island

trip to Indonesia – Beras Basah Island

Your next vacation destination should be Indonesia. Having a trip to Indonesia is everyone’s dream. There’s no better way to spend a holiday is a beautiful tropical country, after all. Thanks to numerous tourism destinations. More tourists visit this nation every day. What about you? Are you going as well? East Kalimantan is one of the top provinces. It’s part of Borneo Island. The capital city is Samarinda. So, what can you enjoy here? Due to its natural beauty, you can choose numerous places as a vacation destination. Here you are going to learn about beautiful island. The name is Beras Basah.

trip to Indonesia - Beras Basah Island


About Beras Basah Island

This astonishing island is popular among tourists nowadays. It has mesmerizing white sands. You can even find a lighthouse here. Due to its uniqueness, the lighthouse becomes an icon of Beras Basah Island. Are you concerned about the name? Well, beras means rice in English. Thus, the other name of the island is the Wet Rice Island. There’s nothing can spoil the beauty of the island. Where is it? BB Island is situated in the Makassar Strait. The size isn’t quite big. It belongs to Bontang territory as well. In order to reach the island, you can take different paths. If you come from Balikpapan, you must spend 5 hours of driving.

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Most of the tourists use a private vehicle to reach BB Island. It’s a comfortable way to conduct a trip to Indonesia. No worries. There are also public transportations, too. The cost is about 90,000 IDR. It’s a minimum transportation fee to reach Bontang. The shortest way to reach Bontang is from Samarinda. If you use a public bus, you don’t need to spend more than 30,000 IDR. Once you arrive at the destination, it’s time to cross the ocean. This is an important journey for reaching Beras Basah Island. There are some rental ships with various prices. It’s about 350,000 IDR. What an amazing trip to Indonesia!


Coming to the Island

Usually, the ship can accommodate 10 passengers. Your adventure starts upon the arrival at Beras Basah Island. The beauty of the island is unrivaled. The beaches come with white sand. On top of that, the sea water is crystal clear. You won’t be bored here. If you love the underwater setting, the beaches won’t disappoint you. Just because the island is small doesn’t mean you can enjoy a comfortable vacation. Apart from the beaches, you can also enjoy the sunset. What a great place to relax! It’s also suitable for honeymooners.

trip to Indonesia - Beras Basah Island

trip to Indonesia – Beras Basah Island

A trip to Indonesia is incomplete if you don’t visit Beras Basah Island. Today, you can see many people visiting this island. They want to take pictures around the beaches. What about you? Don’t forget to bring a disposable camera. Your family will be grateful. You are their hero. Before visiting BB Island, take your time to review the climate. If you are going to have a beach vacation, don’t come during the rainy season. Your tourist agency can help you determine the best time to visit Indonesia. Apart from this preparation, you also need to prepare your belongings.

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