Best of Indonesia Travel Experience at Mamuju Regency

West Sulawesi province is unique. It’s worth the title as the best of Indonesia travel for tourists. The province is situated in the western part of Celebes Island. The capital of the province is Mamuju. As a rich tourist spot, the government is increasing the accommodation. The land is fertile and the climate is tropical. Make sure you carry proper clothes and equipment prior to visiting Mamuju. What’s the famous tourist spot in Mamuju? It’s the Manakarra beach. It’s as popular as Makasar’s Losari beach. The beach is famous for its panoramic beauty.

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Enjoy the Beauty of Manakarra Beach as a part of the best of Indonesia travel

Once you enjoy the watersport at noon, you need to spend a festive night at the beach. There’s also an annual event in Manakarra. Usually, it happens during the Independence of Indonesia and Mamuju anniversary. There’s a local party. People in Mamuju will roast some tons of fishes. You can join and eat the fishes wholeheartedly. Another annual event is a Sandeq boat race. Mamuju people are always enthusiastic about the event. Make sure that you won’t miss it. It’s better to bring a camera so you can capture some good images.

The Best of Indonesia Travel - Manakarra Beach

The Best of Indonesia Travel – Manakarra Beach

The best way to explore Mamuju is by private vehicles. Actually, there’s also public transportation. Is it hard to reach Manakarra beach? It takes 25 minutes from the airport. The beauty of the beach is incomparable. You can see local fishermen come and by. Manakarra beach is the part of Mamuju Bay. The bay has an important role as the connection between the Manakarra beach and Batu harbor.

Local people of Mamuju aren’t surprised with the crowd. The beach is always full of people. It’s the best of Indonesia travel in Mamuju, after all. The beach also becomes the top destination for teenagers. They enjoy the solemnity of the beach. The beauty panorama of the beach is jaw-dropping. Most of the youngsters visit the beach between 5 pm – 12 am. They chat, play, and relax at the beach. Many foreign tourists also visit the beach. Are you interested? It’s an ideal place for a family vacation.


Don’t Miss the Opportunity

Manakarra beach is as beautiful as Losari beach. It has an outstanding background of Karampuang Island. At night, you can see many lights coming from ferries. As mentioned earlier, the best time to visit the beach is the Independence Day of Indonesia. Apart from a fish party, you can eat lots of Durian. What a feast! It’s too bad if you miss this opportunity. Make sure you come with your friends or family. It will be an unforgettable vacation.

Overall, Mamuju should be the best of Indonesia travel in West Sulawesi. The province develops quickly. Thanks to the local government. Tourists can enjoy a nice vacation in Mamuju. Not to mention there’s the Manakarra beach. It’s quite panoramic and peaceful. Even though you aren’t allowed to swim, you can do other things. On top of that, local people are quite friendly. They may invite you to join annual events like a fish roasting party or the boat race. Have fun!


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