Exploring the Best Islands of Indonesia

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What do you like about a vacation? Some of you prefer a vacation in big cities. The rest of you choose to explore beautiful islands. Indonesia is an archipelago country. You can explore the best islands of Indonesia. It’s true that all of the islands in Indonesia are beautiful. However, you need to know your destination first. Since there are more than 17,000 islands, it seems daunting to visit them all. At least, you need to choose the best 10 among them. What are they? Here are some of them.


The Best Islands of Indonesia

Bintan Island in Riau

Best Islands - Bintan

Bintan Island

The island is famous for its history. You can learn many things like local culture and history. There’s Kota Piring palace on this island. If you visit Bintan Island, you must go to Tanjung Pinang. It’s the best location to witness local’s life. There’s also an old temple in Senggarang. The temple ages more than 300 years.

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Raja Ampat in West Papua

travel advice Indonesia-Raja-Ampat-Papua

Raja Ampat West Papua

In the most eastern part of Indonesia, you can find Raja Ampat islands. Both local and foreign tourists recognize its beauty. Is it easy to reach the location? If you come from Jakarta, you need to ride a plane to Sorong. The flight takes 6 hours. Once you reach Sorong, you should ride a boat for 3 hours. There are some resorts in Raja Ampat. You can witness the beauty of the islands from those resorts. There’s also the pinisi boat. You can explore the islands using that boat. One thing, you must prepare much money. The accommodations are quite pricey.

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Gili Trawangan Island in Lombok

Indonesia tour - Gili Island

Indonesia tour – Gili Island

It’s the best Gili Island in Lombok. The beauty is unparalleled. However, the cost to explore the beauty of nature in Gili Trawangan is quite expensive. You need to prepare your budget prior to visiting the island. You can use the money to rent diving equipment. There’s also a diving instructor. In order to get his assistance, you must pay some money. The most crowded time is during holidays. Making upfront reservation is compulsory. When it comes to accommodations, you can find lots of high-quality hotels in the island. It’s definitely one of the best islands of Indonesia.

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Togean Island in North Sulawesi

Best Islands - Togean

Togean Island

What can you enjoy in Togean Island? It’s all about diving. Many divers come to North Sulawesi to explore the beauty of sea scenery. Apart from that, you can trek and explore the island. If you are lucky, you can witness some unique creatures like Togean Babirusa, Kenari crabs, bats, etc. It’s a little bit troublesome to reach the island. Though, you won’t get bored during the trip. You can witness beautiful scenery along the way. Not to mention there’s an astonishing beach and coffee plantations.


Karimun Jawa in Central Java

Best Islands - Karimun Java

Karimun Java

 It’s a famous island. The other names are Carribean van Java or Holiday Island. You can reach the location using various boats. Each of the boats offers different speed and comfort. You need to choose based on your budget. What’s good about the island? There are many things to do in Karimun Jawa Island. Some of them are snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, and swimming. You are allowed to explore the island and visit the mangrove forest. There’s also shark conservation. Are you brave enough to play with those sharks?


Wakatobi Island in North Sulawesi

Best Islands - Wakatobi

Wakatobi sunset

The easiest way to reach Wakatobi Island is by an airplane from Jakarta. The first destination is Kendari. Next, you must ride a boat to Wanci. The schedule of the boat is at 10 am. The trip takes up to 10 hours. You need to be prepared. It’s a safe voyage, though. The best time to visit Wakatobi Island is between April and June. The weather is nice during such occasion. You can do many things like swimming and snorkeling. The fishes and corals are just too beautiful. You won’t regret visiting Wakatobi as one of the best islands of Indonesia.


Derawan Island in East Kalimantan

Best Islands - Derawan

Derawan Island

Borneo island isn’t about the forest and rivers. There are also beautiful islands like Derawan. You can either snorkeling or dive here. Some tourists would like to relax in Gosong. It’s located near to Derawan Island. Would you do the same thing? The marine life around the island is quite amusing. There are giant turtles, manta rays, dolphins, etc. There’s a famous sea creature. The name is Derawan Shark. When you visit East Kalimantan, you shouldn’t miss this island. You can come with your family, too.


Tidung Island in Jakarta

Best Islands - Tidung Jakarta

Tidung Island Jakarta

Thanks to Tidung Island. It has attracted more visitors over time. Both domestic and foreign tourists often come to the island. They want to enjoy the beauty and peace of the island. The beach is calming and the water is crystal clear. Not to mention there are beautiful corals. In order to reach the island, you should ride a boat. There are many options like a fast boat and a ferry. Tidung Island is famous for its watersport activity. Divers will be happy here.


Kepa Island in East Nusa Tenggara

travel in Indonesia - Kepa Island

travel in Indonesia – Kepa Island

The island is located in Alor regency, East Nusa Tenggara. It’s actually a small island. Despite its small size, Kepa Island is quite famous among tourists. It becomes one of the best islands of Indonesia. You can reach it easily from Kalabahi. It takes only 30 minutes. Foreigners call the island as a Pettite Kepa. There’s a mesmerizing beach in this island. The water is clear and the sand is white. On top of that, nature offers a peaceful ambiance. It’s a perfect place to relax. You don’t even need to spend too much money. The vacation in Kepa Island is quite affordable.

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Tulamben Island in Bali

Tulamben island

Tulamben island

Bali Island is indeed paradise-like. However, there’s another beautiful island nearby. It’s situated in Tulamben village. If you come from Denpasar, it takes up to 2 hours of the trip. A unique thing about Tulamben Island is its USS Liberty wreck. Some people say that the ship was destroyed due to the WWII. The others say that it’s due to Gunung Agung’s eruption. You can dive and explore the wreck. No worries. There are many places to rest. Ocean View Tulamben is one of them.


Summary The Best Islands of Indonesia

So, what is your favorite island? The best islands of Indonesia help you obtain a wonderful holiday. You can enjoy the beauty of those islands. Each of them offers uniqueness and specialties. You can either come alone or with your family. On top of that, you can come with your spouse or fiancée. Those islands are quite romantic, for sure. Make sure that you have prepared everything. Ask your tourist agency regarding the tips and warnings when spending a vacation in those islands. Overall, you need to be safe. Good luck!

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