The Best Lakes in Indonesia

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Labuan Cermin

There is just information about the Best Lakes in Indonesia

You must visit 5 of the best lakes in Indonesia there. One of the best tourist attractions in Indonesia is the lake. The natural beauty of lakes attracts more visitors over time. Here you are going to learn Indonesia information about the most beautiful lakes in the country. All of them offer unique beauty and ambiance.


  1. Bedugul Lake in Bali

Bedugul lake bali one of the best lakes in Indonesia

Bali isn’t about the beaches. It also has a beautiful lake. The Bedugul Lake is situated in Tabanan. It has a quite atmosphere. It shows the solemnity of the island. The peaceful atmosphere of the island makes you relaxed. Near to the lake, there’s Ulun Danu Temple. You should visit it, as well. In order to explore the lake, you must rent a boat. No worries. The price is nice.






  1. Toba Lake in North Sumatra

 Lake TobaWhen it comes to the best lakes of Indonesia, Toba Lake becomes a priority choice. It’s the best tourist destination in North Sumatra. It’s the pride of Medan city. The natural beauty of Toba Lake is unparalleled. It’s actually a volcanic lake. It’s the largest lake in the country. The width is 30 km. The lake combines green nature and blue clear water. It’s quite peaceful to spend a vacation in Toba Lake. There’s a Samosir Island in the middle of the lake. According to Indonesia information, you can reach it using a boat.





  1. Labuan Lake in Biduk-Biduk Regency 
the best lakes in Indonesia

Labuan cermin (

There’s a famous lake in East Kalimantan. The name is Labuan Lake. The meaning is a great mirror lake. The nature beauty around the lake is undisputable. The best thing about the lake is the water. It’s crystal clear. Moreover, you are able to see some local animals like wild boar, sun bears, monkeys, etc. Around the lake, you can witness the nature beauty of Borneo forest. It’s also a perfect location for diving. What a great way to enjoy a vacation! Just find the Indonesia information now!






  1. Lake Flores in East Nusa Tenggara (Kelimutu Lake)
kelimutu flores lake for one of the best lakes in Indonesia

kelimutu flores lake for one of the best lakes in Indonesia

The Lake Flores is quite famous among foreigners. There’s another name of the lake. It’s the 3 color lake. It has blue, white, and red color. What makes it unique? The lake can alter its color. It’s because the lake undergoes different light refraction and micro creatures. The lake is situated on the Mount Flores. There are three of them. Local people believe that these lakes are the places of ancestor spirits. Both the colors and story of the lake attract many tourists every year.






  1. Ranu Kumbolo Lake in Lumajang
Ranu Kumbolo-Bromo- one of the best lakes in Indonesia

Ranu Kumbolo-Bromo Indonesia

If you visit East Java, you should go to Lumajang. You can find a beautiful lake. The name is Ranu Kumbolo. The lake is situated near to Mount Sumeru. Actually, it’s an oasis. It’s a perfect location for relaxing. Many people consider it as a great camping spot. The fresh water of the lake may remove your stress. Not to mention you can enjoy the beauty of sunset from this location. Most of the visitors take advantage of the lake to relax with their family.






Conclusion about the best lakes in Indonesia

Overall, you can take advantage about the best lakes in Indonesia to visit. It helps you decide what lake to visit for a vacation in Indonesia. There are some local guides around the location. They may help you explore those lakes. You only need to prepare the money, clothes, and some foods. Don’t forget to call your tourist agent prior to traveling to Indonesia.

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