Choosing the Best Lobster Restaurants in Jakarta Indonesia

Lobster Restaurants

Lobster Restaurants

What is good about lobster? Most of the people are taking advantage of its delicious meat. It is also considered as one of the most luxurious foods in the world. Not to mention it is the best seafood. The meat is abundant, thick, and tasty. When visiting Jakarta, you should never miss some best restaurants to enjoy lobster. There are many options available. You only need to compare and review all of them. I bet many of you never heard about these restaurants. You can read more below.

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Some Good Lobster Restaurants

Loobie is considered one of the best restaurants to enjoy lobster. You can bring your family here during a vacation to Jakarta. The restaurant comes with a stunning concept. Actually, it belongs to the same owner of Holy Cow. Not only it offers delicious meat, but it also comes at affordable prices. There is no need to worry about the quality. Next choice is Sulawesi. It is the best lobster restaurants in Kemang. When you spend a vacation in Kemang, you should visit it. The restaurant applies the Western concept. The most famous menu is black pepper lobster.

Nishimura is famous for their Sashimi Sugamatori meat. Well, it is actually a special lobster. If you want to try something unique, you should try this one. It is both fresh and chewy meat. Not to mention it comes with satisfying seasoning. In terms of texture, it is similar to tuna. Though, there is something uncommon. Only the cook knows the secret. The restaurant also offers Nishimura grilled meat. It is definitely a great place to enjoy lobster. Don’t forget to bring your family or friends here.

What is next? There is Huize Van Wely. Many local people choose it as their favorite. It is because the restaurant offers delicious lobster meats. Not to mention there are other menus like salad and pasta. The most recommended menu is Thermidor lobster. You should never miss it! Cajun Claws is your next destination. The restaurant is famous for their seafood. These include lobster, crabs, and much more. The foods are quite addictive, so you need to prepare lots of money.


A Lobster Restaurant vs. DIY Cooking

Those are some best places in Jakarta to enjoy lobster. The thing is people love expensive and delicious culinary. This animal has soft and abundant meat. You can enjoy it either in grilled or boiled form. Both of them are delicious. What you need is a good restaurant. Jakarta is a big city and it has many options of lobster restaurants. Since lobster is an expensive menu, you should prepare much money. Don’t buy cheap foods. There must be something wrong with them.

Even though you love to visit a lobster restaurant, you should pay attention to the nutrients. Fortunately, the meat is low in cholesterol and fat. It also contains healthy substances like phosphor, calium, and sodium. If you decide to cook your own lobster, you must learn both the recipe and procedure. It must be cooked in the right manner. You can choose either to make it medium rare or well-done. If you don’t want to undergo difficulties, you can simply visit a recommended restaurant above.

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