Best Places to Eat in Yogyakarta

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When it is about tourism in Indonesia, there are many things to discuss. Indonesian culinary always becomes a good topic of discussion. In Yogyakarta, there are many good places to eat. You should try them all when visiting this beautiful city. Apart from its culture, Yogyakarta also has outstanding culinary. For instance, there’s Gudeg. Is that it? No, it’s not. There are other interesting places to enjoy various types of foods.  Angkringan is considered as an iconic place to eat. It has been the part of the culture of the city.

Yogyakarta - Gudeg

Yogyakarta – Gudeg


Tourism in Indonesia – Best Places to Eat in Yogyakarta

Gudeg Pawon

 As mentioned earlier, Yogyakarta is famous for Gudeg. It’s an iconic traditional food of the city. As a visitor, you shouldn’t miss this delicious specialty of DIY. There are many locations to buy it. For instance, you can visit Gudeg Pawon. It was opened for public since 1958. The meaning of Pawon is the kitchen. That means the food will be served directly from the kitchen. This place is always crowded. It opens every day, though. Gudeg Pawon is situated in Umbulharjo, Yogyakarta.


The Oldest Angkringan in Yogyakarta

There’s a famous place to eat Angkringan foods. It’s the Lik Man’s Angkringan. What makes it special? It’s the oldest one among others. It opened in 1969. There are numerous local foods like Nasi Kucing, fries, etc. You can also taste a specialty’s drink called Kopi Joss. It isn’t a regular coffee. A hot charcoal is inserted within the coffee. The taste is unique. Is it safe to drink? Yes, it is. It won’t cause bad effects to your digestive system. Not only Lik Man’s Angkringan is popular, it’s also cheap. It’s situated in Tugu Train Station.


Pak Pong’s Klathak Satay

 Do you like satay? There’s an uncommon place to enjoy a unique type of satay. It’s Pak Pong’s Klathak satay. It’s a lamb satay. The taste is quite delicious and special. The skewer is also different. It uses spokes or bars instead of bamboo skewers. The owners said that it could make the meat tenderer. The location of this eatery is in Imogiri Street, Bantul. Don’t miss this specialty tourism in Indonesia. Make sure you come with your family.


Beringharjo Fried Rice

One of the most famous traditional foods of Indonesia is Fried Rice. The local name is Nasi Goreng. You can find it easily in Yogyakarta. However, there’s a unique place to visit. It’s Beringharjo Fried Rice. The place is situated near to Beringharjo traditional market. It’s in Malioboro. It opened in 1960. The taste is unique and special. Thanks for the secret recipe. You can pick the meat. It’s either pork or chicken. You can dwell with locals while enjoying your food.


House of Raminten

If you look for Yogyakarta traditional foods, you should visit House of Raminten. You can find lilit satay, brongkos, nasi kucing, sereh beverage, and others. The place has a unique architecture. There’s even a chariot inside the house. It applies the traditional Java theme. Not to mention you can listen to traditional Java Gending while enjoying the foods. What a nuance. One thing, the queue is troublesome. Too many people visit this place. Still, it’s a worthy tourism in Indonesia.

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