The Best Sulawesi Diving Spots and Coffee

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Sulawesi diving spots, a sentence that is highly sought by “netizen”. Sulawesi Island is an important part of Indonesia country. There are many great things about the island. For instance, there’s Sulawesi coffee. The most famous one is the Southern part of the island. Local people cultivate delicious and wonderful coffee regularly. It has been popular since the colonial period. Toraja becomes the center of coffee cultivation. The production area is situated on Sesean Mountains. Well, Sulawesi has other attractions. One of them is the diving spots. Divers come to the island from various countries. They want to enjoy a wonderful diving experience on this beautiful island.

Sulawesi diving spots

Sulawesi diving spots


Visiting Sulawesi Diving Spots

One of the best diving spots is the South Sulawesi. It’s situated near to the Coral Triangle. A tiny island is surrounded by vast oceans. The currents are quite strong. Not to mention there are beautiful coral environments. Divers won’t be disappointed. There’s also numerous macro-life. Many foreign scuba divers come to this dive site regularly. Some of them consider Sulawesi as one of the best dive destination in the world. Thanks to the variety of dive sites. Divers can try all of them. They only need to learn their options.


Wakatobi is a famous dive destination in Sulawesi Island. It’s a remote area. If you look for a solemn and mesmerizing setting, Wakatobi is the best choice. It’s a paradise. The healthy corals and reefs are indeed worth a visit. Most of the divers want to enjoy the beauty of the fish life. Overall, they want to get memorable underwater experiences. The dive spots in Sulawesi are suitable for both beginners and experts. Those are also suitable for either an individual or a group diver.


  • Manado

Manado also becomes one of the best dive destinations. There are at least scuba destinations that have an international standard. There’s the Bunaken National Marine Park. It’s the center for both beginner and professional divers. It should be everyone’s destination. If you go to the north, there are Sangihe islands and Bangka. Both of them offer good dive spots for tourists. Manado offers sloping reefs, beautiful corals, and majestic marine life. Not to mention there’s Bunaken. Those are the perfect places to explore the underwater beauty.


The Best Time to Visit Sulawesi Dive Spots

Tourists can visit Sulawesi for scuba diving. It’s good for all year round. However, ideal times are between August-June. Manado’s ocean has the best visibility between November-January. Don’t come to Sulawesi during the rainy season. If you come to Wakatobi, it’s good from March-December. For beginners, it’s better to learn the best time to visit the island first. Otherwise, they can’t enjoy the diving activity.

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How can tourists visit Sulawesi? There’s Manado in the North. Not to mention there’s Makassar in the south. Both of them are open to local and international air transportation. The most common destination is Sam Ratulangi Airport. It’s situated in Manado. As an alternative, you can visit Sulawesi by sea. There are ferries at ports. You can get around the island easily using a ferry. Regardless of dive destinations, tourists will have a good time.


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