Betel Leaf as a Diabetes Natural Cure

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Betel Leaf

Betel Leaf

Diabetes is one of the most terrible diseases. Instead of looking for costly treatments, patients can use natural remedies like betel leaf. It’s a unique plant with numerous health benefits. Many people have been using it as a traditional herb, especially for those with diabetes. It is also an efficient treatment for hypertension, inflammation, ulcers, hepatitis, cancer, and much more. Betel leaf contains amazing substances like tannins, saponins, and flavonoids. It also has an anti-diabetic compound. Not to mention it’s able to deal with viruses and bacteria.

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Not all people are aware of betel leaf as one of the natural remedies for diabetes. They don’t even know what betel leaf is. The leaf has uneven and shiny characteristics. Though it smells fragrant, it tastes bitter. The plant grows well in cool and shady place. That means it’s abundant in mountainous areas. As long as the land is fertile, it’s good to grow. The best type of betel leaf is the red one. It has the most abundant nutrients than others. So, how can patients prepare the remedy? They only need to boil the leaves and drink the water. Since it tastes bitter, they can add honey.

Betel Leaf

Experts have confirmed that betel leaf is one of the most efficient natural ways to fight diabetes. Betel leaves consist of free radical properties. That means they are good to fight cancer. The leaves also contain chavicol oil. The oil has numerous substances, especially, antiseptic properties. It prevents the development of tuberculosis, cholera, and typhoid. On top of that, it contains anti-diabetic property. It helps maintain blood sugar levels, as well. Thus, diabetic patients can take advantage of it.

Since it’s one of the natural remedies for diabetes, many patients have been using it recently. Thanks to its trivalent chromium. The patients can lower their high blood sugar levels. Not only it helps to treat type 2 diabetes, it also helps to cure a cough, bronchitis, bleeding gums, bad breath, abdomen pain, etc. Moreover, it’s a good calcium supplier. In fact, it’s as good as milk. So, how can patients consume betel leaf?


Taking Advantage of Betel Leaf

The simplest way is through chewing. Though it’s bitter, it gives the best effects on patients. It improves wellness, sweating, and alertness. Those who can’t bear the bitter taste of betel leaf can make a fresh juice extract. They can add either sugar or honey. Pepper also becomes a good extra. The juice form is good for treating inflammations like bronchitis, cough, and numerous respiratory issues. Another way to use betel leaf is through skin application. Patients can apply a war betel leaf on their swollen skin.

Overall, betel leaf has numerous health benefits. The leaf is famous for its anti-diabetic effect. Not only it treats diabetes, but it’s also good for treating other diseases. Betel leaves are easy to find. It’s abundant in a country like Indonesia. It has become one of the best ways to fight diabetes and other health issues. The best part is patients can consume it in different ways. These include chewing, drinking, or applying it on skin. What a great herb!

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