Tarakan – The Biggest City in North Kalimantan


Tarakan – Taman Lansia

Tarakan is recognized as the largest city in North Kalimantan province. It also becomes one of the richest cities in Indonesia. The other name is Bumi Paguntaka. The city lies on a small island near to Borneo. Indonesia is a tropical country. The temperature could be quite hot during summer. The Tarakan city isn’t an exception. Despite this fact, tourists can enjoy numerous types of attraction here. Even though Tarakan is a small city, it attracts more visitors every year. Some of the best tourist spots are Mangrove Forest, Amal Beach, Rumah Bundar, and much more.

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What is good about The City?

The first destination is Mangrove Forest. It is actually a natural conservation. The location is in Gajah Mada Street. Local people consider it as the best tourist vacation in Tarakan. The Mangrove Forest is the home of native animals and plants. Visitors can witness Bekatun. The other name is Dutch Monkey. Also, there are many types of trees and plants. Most of them have the age of hundreds of years. The government tries to protect the nature of Kalimantan with this forest conservation. Hopefully, they can preserve such wild lives.

Next, tourists should visit Amal Beach. It is a beautiful and exotic beach of Tarakan. The location is in Amal Village, East Tarakan. There are two spots to visit. They are the Old Amal Beach and the New Amal Beach. Both of them are mesmerizing and attractive. No wonder, many people come here to spend a holiday. The beach is also famous for its coconut trees. It is a great opportunity to relax and enjoy a fresh coconut drink. What can be more comfortable than this?

What is next? There is Rumah Bundar Museum. It is a unique museum. The shape is of the museum is uncommon. This tourist spot displays the reminiscences of Japanese and Dutch colonialism. Visitors are able to learn some history and witness unique items. The museum is located in Danau Jempang Street. It is adjacent to local parliament building of Tarakan city. Overall, the museum is suitable for a family vacation. It is one of the gems of the city.

Tarakan city also has numerous traditions. It is a rich city, after all. In some occasions, people perform a local party. The name is Iraw Tengkayu. It is a similar event to Sekaten. During this event, people may receive free crops from the committee. This traditional event happens biannually. That means tourists should find out the schedule before visiting Tarakan. Otherwise, they won’t manage to witness or join it.


How to Get to Tarakan City

If you come from Balikpapan, you need to visit Tarakan by air. The air travel takes about an hour. The best time to fly is at night. You are able to see the lights below. Once you reach Juwata Airport, you can take a public transportation. Your next destination is a hotel or other accommodations. Make sure you choose the right place. Apart from an air travel, you can also visit Tarakan by sea. In this case, you need to take a ferry. No worries. It is fun, as well.

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