Blue Lake – Wonderful Vacation at West Kalimantan

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Indonesia country - Blue Lake Singkawang

Blue Lake Singkawang

What a Wonderful Vacation at West Kalimantan!

Indonesia country is famous for its culture and nature. Perhaps foreign people are into Bali. However, there are many beautiful places available. For instance, you can visit West Kalimantan. This province is part of Borneo Island. It’s situated in the western part of the island. Actually, it’s located exactly on the equator. It’s indeed one of the hottest regions in Indonesia. It has high humidity and temperatures. There are many rivers and hills in this province. Not to mention you can see mangrove forests. You can even enjoy the beauty of mountains. These include Kapuas Hulu and Mountains Kalingkang. Is there anything else?

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A Mesmerizing Beauty of Blue Lake

If it’s about the tourist destination, West Kalimantan has a beautiful lake. The name is Blue Lake. You can reach Biru Lake by visiting Singkawang. As the name implies, the lake has clear blue water. It’s an exotic and unique attraction for tourists. This astonishing lake is located near to Singkawang city. It takes only 30 minutes of driving from the city to the lake. What kind of vehicle is available? Well, you can take either a car or motorcycle. Public transportation is also accessible. Most of the visitors are young people. They come to enjoy a beautiful sunset around the lake.

There are numerous reasons to visit Indonesia country. Blue lake is one of them. Apart from its beauty, you can enjoy a comfortable activity like swimming or bathing in the lake. Your kids definitely are going to like this. The lake is unique and beautiful. It has the blue color. It’s surrounded by grassland. The blue color is quite a contrast to the landscape. When you see ahead, there are many trees around the area. Mostly, tourists enjoy the nature scenery once they reach the lake. The blue water represents a calm and charming atmosphere. It’s a good place to relax.


More Information about the Lake

In the past, the lake became an illegitimate gold mining. The mining activity no longer exists. Today, it becomes a tourist destination. Thanks to its blue water look. As mentioned earlier, the lake is also accessible for swimming. You can feel the cool water and the comforting ambiance. The atmosphere will remove your stress. Due to this reason, many tourists come to the lake for relaxing. It’s a good place to spend a vacation with your family. Don’t forget to bring the camera. You won’t miss the chance to take some pictures with your close ones.

Overall, West Kalimantan becomes a recommended tourist destination for everyone. The question is when the best time to visit Indonesia country. If you are visiting Blue Lake, you must choose the dry season. You definitely don’t want to spend a family vacation during the rainy season. Once you enjoy your time at the lake, you can have other adventures in West Borneo. There are many rivers in this province. Most of you don’t have enough information about West Borneo. No worries. There are local guides available. Not to mention you can reach many tourist agencies on the internet. On top of that, will be your source of information regarding tourist places in Indonesia.

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