Borneo – About an Enormous Island

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Where is Borneo? Things to Know about an Enormous Island

Borneo Island seems familiar to most of the people. It’s indeed a big island. The world recognizes Borneo as one of the biggest Islands in the world. So, where is it? The island is situated near to the equator. It’s in South East Asia. Borneo consists of 3 countries. They are Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. It the terms of scale, it’s as big as Texas. Most of the land is covered by rainforest. Many tourists come to the island to conduct Borneo tour. Actually, they have a different destination. Most of them go to Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Where is Borneo

Borneo island is known as Kalimantan in Indonesia


Enjoy the Diversity

 Before talking about Kalimantan travel, it’s better to start with the other countries. Brunei is smallest one. Even though it isn’t as big as its neighbor countries, it’s very rich. In fact, it’s one of the richest nations in the world. The next country is Malaysia. It consists of Sarawak and Sabah. These states are also popular due to their nature attractions. There are many national parks, beaches, dive sites, and jungles. Most of the tourists want to conquer Mount Kinabalu. It’s the highest peak in Borneo Island.

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Another country is Indonesia. Locals call the island as Kalimantan. It covers most of the Borneo Island. Kalimantan has many unspoiled rainforests. Most of the people live near to the coast. That means the interior part of Kalimantan is untouched. The villages are also situated near to the rivers. The major industry in Kalimantan is logging. Some bad people conduct an illegal logging, though. They have been destroying the forest over time. Deforestation ruins both the environment and animal’s life. There are also some terrible hunters.


Visiting Kalimantan

A tour to Kalimantan is challenging. It’s a perfect place for an adventure. The most famous thing is the wildlife. Tourists can enjoy the nature. They may see numerous rivers, rainforests, and indigenous people. There’s a tribe in Kalimantan. The name is Dayak. That means visitors can also learn Dayak culture. Local people are both friendly and warm. Tourists can visit their villages and wear Dayak’s traditional clothes. They can also learn how to dance with these people. A vacation to Kalimantan is somehow worthy. Everyone should visit it once.

One of the best attractions in Kalimantan is the Orangutan. This animal is similar to human. They are quite calm. Due to deforestation, their number is decreasing over time. They need to survive against air pollution, forest fire, hunting activities, etc. However, local government has conducted a survival adoption program. The aim is to protect Orangutans against threats. The role of local people is also important.

In summary, Borneo Island is worth a visit. Tourists are able to visit three different countries on one island. Kalimantan is popular among foreigners. Thanks to their pure nature and beauty. There are many rainforests and rivers. Not to mention there’s famous animal. The name is Orangutan. It’s protected by the government now. Another attraction is the Dayak culture. These people have a mystical way of living. They are friendly, though. Tourists can get along with them easily. No worries. A tour guide will take care of everything.

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