Borneo Travel Tips for First Timers

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Borneo Travel

Borneo Travel – Labuan Cermin

Kalimantan or Borneo Island represents the wild environment of Indonesia. The island consists of many forests and rivers. Borneo travel is it a good choice for vacation destination? Both domestic and foreigners love it. That means Kalimantan is as popular as other islands in Indonesia. For first timers, a vacation to Borneo is a daunting experience. Most of the beginners have no knowledge and experience about the island. They can get lost easily. What about you? Are you afraid of visiting Kalimantan? These are important tips for you.


Things to Know About Borneo Travel

First, it’s important to decide the vacation destination. Finding the most efficient route is also important. It takes much time to reach secluded areas in Kalimantan. Not to mention it can be quite tiring. A preparation is a must. An efficient route saves much time and energy. Where can you find the options? The internet helps you find them easily. Some travel sites provide ample information regarding the best routes in Kalimantan. You can find the best route from the airport to top vacation destinations of the island. After all, each of you has a different preference.

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You may expect lots of mosquitos in Borneo Island. Thus, you should prepare some lotions. It’s important to repel those troublesome mosquitos. Otherwise, they may ruin your vacation. When exploring the rivers in Kalimantan, you need to apply a mosquito repellent to your skin. It prevents mosquito bites so you can enjoy your vacation well. In some cases, malaria becomes an issue. It’s one of the threats in the island. That means you should be prepared for it. Carrying malaria medicine is a wise decision. Why? It’s hard to find a drug store in some parts of the island.

Indonesia is a tropical country. Borneo Island isn’t an exception. You may expect a hot temperature when exploring the island. It gets worse at noon. Don’t forget to bring a sun cream. It prevents skin burning during a vacation in Kalimantan. The lands in Borneo Island are quite wet. It’s better to choose your footwear carefully. Some of you like trekking. That means you need to wear offroad shoes. Make sure that you wear shoes with a good grip. Otherwise, you are prone to injuries.


Transportation and Language

The next important aspect is the transportation. It isn’t hard to find a good transportation in the city. There are many options of taxis and public transports. However, you won’t find it easily in secluded regions. In some cases, you may need an offroad vehicle. Another consideration is the weather. You need an umbrella both in a rainy or hot season. As an alternative, you need to wear a hat during a hot season.

Overall, Borneo travel isn’t as scary as you think. There are many interesting places to visit. One thing, you should be prepared for everything. Kalimantan is a wild island. There are many forests, mountains, and rivers. Not to mention it’s quite tropical. Without a preparation, you may feel uncomfortable and threatened. Another preparation is the language. If you can’t speak Indonesian, you must hire a local guide. You don’t want to get lost in Borneo, do you?

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