Borobudur Temple and Indonesia Trip in Central Java

The A – Z Guide of Borobudur Temple and Indonesia Trip in Central Java

Are you planning for an Indonesia trip? Central Java offers various tourist destinations such as Borobudur Temple. It’s one of the most famous destinations, in fact. As the name implies, Central Java is situated in the midst of Java Island. If you go south, there’s a special region called Yogyakarta. Central Java is the center of history, culture, and arts. You can find many interesting things in this province. Not only it offers Borobudur Temple, but it also has Dieng plateau, Tawangmangu, and other tourist destinations. There’s also Demak. You can find some relics in this city. Still, Borobudur is the best destination when you visit Central Java.

Indonesia trip - Borobudur temple

Indonesia trip – Borobudur Temple


About Borobudur Temple for your Indonesia trip today

Borobudur Temple is one of the 7 wonders of the world. It’s the biggest Buddhist temple in this planet. You can explore it once you reach Magelang. The fact is that the temple becomes the most visited monument in Central Java. Both domestic and foreign visitors like to visit the temple. It’s a cultural heritage of the world. It has unique architectural style. Nothing can compare it, for sure. Here’s the fact. Borobudur was built centuries ago even before Angkor Wat and other famous structures around the world. It was constructed of andesite stone. There are 7 terraces on it.

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There’s the Great Stupa lying on the top of Borobudur temple. Due to its magnificence, more tourists conduct an Indonesia trip every single day in this location. The temple also owns a unique history. It was built by the Cailendra Empire. Borobudur means the Buddhist Convent on the hill. It’s surrounded by lots of stone towers and stupas. There were times when the temple was on the verge of collapsing. The stones were full of lichen and moss. Fortunately, the government restored it in 1983. It took no less than 8 years to finish. Thanks to the UNESCO, the government was able to fund the restoration without hassles.


 Visiting the Temple

You can reach Borobudur temple easily. The best option is riding a public transportation like bus or taxi. No worries, you are able to rent some cars as well. If you decide to take a bus, you should visit the bus terminal first. Once you reach near the temple, you can either hire a horse cart or becak. Walking isn’t a bad option, actually. There’s a large parking lot available nearby. Buses and private cars can park immediately. If you come from Yogyakarta, a public bus is the most suitable option.

Overall, Central Java is one of the top destinations when it comes to an Indonesia trip. Don’t forget to learn some local languages as you might encounter many Javanese people in Borobudur. The best thing to do is to take a picture in front of the temple. You can also climb the temple and walk around it. You must walk in a clockwise direction, though. There are some nearby villages to visit. There you can try pottery making. This is going to be your unforgettable vacation. Not all people are able to visit such magnificent temple. Don’t miss the chance!

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