Travelling to Bulukumba Regency in South Sulawesi

Indonesia information - Bira Beach

Bulukumba Regency – Bira Beach (source: is rich in Indonesia information. It includes the tourist destinations in such country. Have you ever visited South Sulawesi? Well, the province offers numerous types of attractions. It’s a mountainous region. Bugis people dwell in the southern part of the province. If you go to the northern part of South Sulawesi, you may find Toraja people. They have unique culture and traditions. These people were famous for their sailing skills. The fact is that there were Bugis vessels reaching the Australian beach. No wonder. The design of their ships was crafted on stone among Aboriginal culture in Australia. What about the tourism?


Bulukumba Regency – A Wonderful Place to Learn Culture

The best thing about South Sulawesi is its culture. Visitors can learn local traditions and meddle with local people. The best destination is Bulukumba Regency. It’s situated in the eastern part of the province. If you come from Ujung Pandang, you need to go southeast. Due to its strategic location, Bulukumba has lots of potentials. For instance, it’s good for tourism, fisheries, agriculture, and much more. It’s also famous for its craftsmanship. If you want to see the traditional boat, you should visit Bulukumba. The name of a famous traditional ship is the Pinisi. It’s a two-masted sailing ship. It’s used either for fishing and cargo purposes.

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Not only Bulukumba is famous for its traditional boat, it also has beautiful nature. According to Indonesia information, you can find beautiful beaches in Bira. All of these beaches come with white sand. Bira is situated in the southern part of Ujung Pandang. At the coasts, you can see some traditional ships. Near to Bira, you can visit Selayar Island. Though, you need to cross the sea first. Selayar is an astonishing tourist destination. It has unique rock formations and beautiful landscape. You can find several waterfalls and caves here. Not to mention there are virgin beaches around the island.


Enjoy the Nature

Once you have enjoyed your time in Bulukumba, you must visit Selayar Island. No worries. There’s a resort here. That means you can spend your night comfortably. The location is surrounded by nature and rainforest. You can hear the chirps of birds, marsupials, and other animals. If you are lucky enough, you can even witness the smallest monkey in the world. The name is the Tarsius. As a matter of fact, this animal is on the verge of extinction. If you want to see them, you must locate their habitat first. The local guide will guide you.

In summary, South Sulawesi offers more than a cultural trip. It also gives you an opportunity to visit some beautiful locations like Bulukumba and Selayar Island. Indonesia information sites will help you gather ample info prior to visiting that province. Nesia is also your partner. Don’t forget to prepare everything. It includes the money, clothes, documents, etc. Plus, you must learn the best time to visit Indonesia. It’s in the dry season. Usually, visitors come to South Sulawesi during summer. They want to visit beautiful beaches in the southern part of Ujung Pandang and witness the famous traditional ship of Bulukumba, the Pinisi. What about you?

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