Bunaken National Park as the Best Tourist Destination in North Sulawesi

Bunaken National Park

Bunaken National Park

Celebes or Sulawesi Island offers numerous attractions for tourists. One of the best spots is Bunaken National Park. It is situated in North Sulawesi. It is actually the home of hundreds of coral reefs. There are also thousands of sea creatures living here. Simply said, Bunaken becomes the richest marine ecosystem of the nation. It features coral reefs, coast ecosystem, and sea pasture. Most of the part of Bunaken is water. It only has a small part of the land, which includes 5 small islands.

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Exploring Bunaken National Park

 Both local and foreign tourists acknowledge the beauty of Bunaken National Park. There are numerous activities to do like swimming, diving, snorkeling, exploring the mangroves, water sports, relaxing and much more. It is the home of more than 2500 fish species. Not to mention there are rare species like goropa, white oci, dugong, etc. The world acknowledges it as the richest marine park. It is the perfect location to explore the beauty of the sea. Everyone can experience a wonderful experience here.

Approximately, there are 20 different dive spots in Bunaken National Park. These feature distinct depth and difficulty. Most of them are located in Bunaken Island. These are the most famous spots among visitors. Divers can witness many coral reefs that come with distinct size and shape. There are also the underwater great walls, hanging walls, and other types of coral. These are the home of tons of fishes. Should one be a professional diver? Well, both beginners and expert can enjoy a diving activity without worries.

The best time to visit Bunaken National Park is between May-August. Why is that? The water is clear and the temperature is quite warm. It provides the best underwater visibility. Thus, divers can take a maximum benefit from it. On the other hand, tourists shouldn’t visit Bunaken during December-January. It is because the sea is quite grimy. As the result, the diving experience becomes uncomfortable and disappointing. You can’t explore the sea due to the bad visibility of the water. Make sure you choose the right season to visit Bunaken.

As mentioned earlier, May to August is the best time to reach Bunaken National Park. However, tourists may expect tons of visitors here. Thus, it is better to book some accommodations or diving operators beforehand. It can prevent a disappointment due to unavailability of services. You can talk to your tourist agency first. This helps you plan for a comfortable vacation in Bunaken. Also, don’t forget to bring some cash. A credit card isn’t quite common in Bunaken. So, you should do like locals. That’s all.


How to Get to Bunaken National Park

Tourists can use a speedboat to reach such national park. They can rent one in Manado Bay. As the time goes by, Bunaken National Park develops into a reliable tourist destination. The government has supported this area with numerous accommodations. These include homestays, hotels, villas, and much more. Not to mention there are different types of facilities. Local people also provide equipment for diving. There are some instructors, as well. Overall, no one gets disappointed in visiting Bunaken National Park.

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