Buton Island as the Part of Sulawesi Island

Buton Island

Buton Island

Celebes or Sulawesi Island has several provinces and regions. If you go to the southeast of the Sulawesi, you can find Buton Island. It was a kingdom back then. The Buton Kingdom rules from the 14th – 16th centuries. Today, it has become the part of Indonesia Republic. Buton was a Sultanate before the Independence of Indonesia. The kingdom has a relationship with the Majapahit Kingdom and China. It’s known that the last ruler was a king. However, the first ruler was a Queen. The first Buton Sultan was the last king of Buton Kingdom.

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Is It a Worthy Tourist Destination?

Apart from its history, Buton Island is famous for its asphalt. Many countries have recognized Butas Asphalt. There are other natural resources as well. These include ironwood and teak. In order to reach Buton, you can ride a boat from Kendari. In terms of tourism, Buton is rich of traditional ceremonies. There are also several folk events. Local people usually welcome honored guests with a special ceremony. There’s also a famous event called Pakande Kandea. Visitors can witness traditional dances while enjoying cakes and foods.

It’s hard to travel around Buton Island. At least, you need an experienced companion. A professional driver is also required. Having a tough driver is helpful during the trip. He can overcome the difficult terrain of the island. Remember, there are some bumpy roads ahead. It’s a worthy trip, though. You can enjoy beautiful scenery while traveling around. Buton Island consists of 5 regencies. They are North Buton, Bombana, Buton, Wakatobi, and Muna. Not to mention there’s a famous city. The name is Bau-Bau.

Most of the remote areas in Buton don’t have smooth roads. It doesn’t seem right. Buton is famous of its asphalt. Why doesn’t it have good roads? In fact, it’s one of the richest producers of asphalt on the planet. When it comes to tourism, Buton isn’t as popular as Wakatobi. The nearby region is famous for its underwater attractions. Fortunately, there are some restaurants and hotels in Bau-Bau. If you visit Lasalimu district, you can find a waterfall. The other natural attractions are fauna and marine lives.


Visiting Buton Island

In order to reach Bau-Bau, you must reach Hasanuddin airport. As an alternative, you can visit Kendari airport. Later, you continue the flight to Bau-Bau. It takes around 5-6 hours. There are many hotels in this city. You can pick one. The best choice is a hotel near to Kamali beach. That means you can reach the beach easily from the hotel. The coast is surrounded by traditional houses and trees. What a relaxing way to enjoy a vacation!

In summary, Buton Island isn’t quite popular among foreign tourists. However, it hides beautiful nature attractions. Most of the visitors are interested in Buton’s history and culture. They also want to visit Bau-Bau city. For those who love water sports, Wakatobi is the perfect destination. It’s a little bit hard to reach the island, though. Don’t forget to hire a professional driver and tour guide. Make sure that you bring a lot of money with you.

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