Civet Coffee Indonesia – The Priciest Coffee

Civet Coffee (luwak coffee) Indonesia as the Priciest Coffee in the World

Civet Coffee

Civet Coffee / luwak coffee

Indonesia isn’t only famous for its tourism. There’s also the most famous coffee in the world. The name is Kopi Luwak or civet coffee. In fact, it’s the most expensive coffee worldwide. Why is there civet in its name? Have you realized that it’s made from civet’s poop? The animals eat the coffee beans and dung some parts of them beans. A cup of civet coffee is pricey. In the United States, the price is up to $70. What is civet? It’s a cat-like animal. The face is similar to a raccoon, though. The animal’s prime foods are fruits, coffee cherries, and insects.


Learn about Civet Coffee / luwak coffee

Civet Coffee

The Civet

There are many palm civets in Indonesia. Some people even consider them as a pest. Thanks to them. They help increase the production of Kopi Luwak. Their poops are valuable for farmers. The beans aren’t digested completely inside the civet’s digestive system. The enzymes may change the proteins structure in the coffee beans, though. It becomes less acidic. The characteristic of civet coffee is quite smooth. It’s soothing. Not to mention it has become a global commodity. Many tourists also want to know how the coffee is made.

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Since Kopi Luwak gains popularity, Indonesia becomes a top destination for tourists. Visitors can visit some civet coffee plantation. They may find wild civets and the coffee production. There are two methods. It’s either wild or caged cultivation. When it comes to the production speed, caged cultivation is faster. Farmers put the civets in a cage and feed them with coffee cherries. However, it results in an unhealthy environment for the animals. They become more stressed. The quality of the beans decreases as well.

Kopi Luwak coffee price is different from one place to another. The cheapest one comes from the origin. Indonesia offers authentic civet coffee that comes with affordable price. Recently, the price has reached to $3,000 per kilo. The customers come from many countries. These include Australia, the United States, Japan, etc. Even though the production has expanded, the price remains as high as ever. It’s the priciest and the most popular coffee in the market. What about the variations? Apart from civets, farmers also use birds.


Further Information about Civet Coffee / luwak coffee

There are numerous ways to enjoy civet coffee. A fine grind is the most common method. Some people also use a siphon, a French press, or even a burr grinder. It’s better to follow an instruction by a coffee maker. This way, the result will be better. Sugar, cream, and milk aren’t allowed. Any additions may ruin the original flavor of the coffee. A small addition to the coffee may create a huge difference in flavor.

Why is civet coffee expensive? There are many reasons for it. First, it has the smoothest taste as compared to other coffees in Indonesia. Civets are smart enough to pick the best beans cherries for foods. The extraction also makes the beans less acidic. Kopi Luwak is quite rare. The production takes much time and effort. The price is indeed higher than regular coffee products. Civet coffee is the finest and smoothest beverage on this planet. That’s for sure.

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