What is Coal? Not Many People Care

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What Is Coal

What is Coal?

Coal is an important natural resource. Why don’t some people care? It’s because they know nothing about it. So, what is coal? It’s a fossil fuel. It’s created from the remains of ancient prehistoric. People use coal due to its energy. Not all countries have good sources of coal. Indonesia is a rich country. Coal is one of their top natural resources. Unfortunately, the nation doesn’t have a satisfying management. They decided to work with other nations when it comes to coal cultivation. How many types of coal out there?

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What is Coal?

 Since coal is an intricate resource, you may expect different composition from them. There are 4 primary types of coal, though. They are classified based on their composition. For example, there’s Lignite. This type of coal has brownish-black color. It contains dense ash content and moisture. That means it has the lowest value of heating as compared to other types. Since it’s an immature coal, many people use this soft coal for producing electricity. What are the other types?

There’s the subbituminous coal. The color is dull black. When it comes to heating value, it’s higher than lignite. It’s useful for both room heating and electricity. Next, there’s bituminous coal. It’s a popular choice in the United States. This nation uses the coal for generating electricity. This type of coal has a hard texture and dark color. Another type of famous coal is anthracite. It’s known as the hardest coal. It’s both shiny and hard. It’s also the most versatile coal. In terms of heating value, it’s the highest among others.


What Is Coal Used For?

 Many people don’t know the use of coal. In a nutshell, it’s used as an energy source. People can use it either for electricity or heat. In the past, coal is a prime fuel for locomotives. Many factories also used it for industrial purposes. Today, there’s coal-to-liquids form. It’s used to generate fuel energy. How can coal generate electricity, actually? It’s processed in coal power plants. Big countries consider coal as one of the most needed energy. In fact, the United States depends on 50% of nation’s electricity demand on coal.

In Indonesia, coal is considered abundant. Many regions produce this valuable resource. For instance, there’s Ombilin coal mine. It’s located in Sawahlunto, South Sumatra. However, it isn’t active anymore. Some people keep searching for the remaining coal, though. Apart from Ombilin, there are other regions. When it comes to the biggest coal producers in Indonesia, it’s Bukit Asam. The mine is situated in Tanjungenim, South Sumatra. The government has been managing it since 1950.

Indonesia is blessed with lots of coal. Other regions produce such valuable coal. These include Kota Baru in South Kalimantan, Berau River, Papua, Bengkulu, South Sulawesi, and West Java. All of them support the nation’s revenue. Due to its limited amount, coal is quite valuable. Many countries buy coal from others. It’s because they don’t have the sources. The decay of primeval forests is limited. That means there are not much remaining coals on this planet. Greed is the major issue that threatens the existence of coal on Earth. That’s human’s doing.

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