A Condition in Indonesian Tropical Rainforest

Tropical Rainforest

Tropical Rainforest

When it comes to tropical rainforest, people have different knowledge. It’s actually a hot biome located near to the equator. Indonesia is also rich in a tropical forest. In fact, it is the richest one among the others. There are thousands of animal species and plants. There are rare animals like orangutans, Sumatran rhinos, and tigers. At the first time, Indonesia was mostly covered by forest. However, deforestation ruined everything. There’s a huge demand for palm oil, paper, plywood, etc. Not to mention there’s illegal logging.

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Tropical Rainforest Issues

Indonesia has the highest rate of deforestation on the planet. Today, the country faces terrible environmental problems. These lead to a significant reduction of animal species. A forest fire is one of the most significant issues. It causes thick smoke and public health alerts. Not to mention the animals lose their home. The government should take an action now. Otherwise, they will lose the entire rainforest. First things first, they must deal with illegal logging. There should be no bad people anymore.

Tropical rainforest indeed has an economic value. Peatland drainage and forests clearing can cause terrible economic losses. Most of the Earth is covered by forest. Indonesia is included. However, the planet has been losing rainforests over time. It’s because people have an uncontrollable demand for lands and wood. The deforestation rates continue. In the next hundred years, there won’t be any tropical rainforest left. The prime reason of rainforest plundering is the economy. All countries want to boost their income by cutting more timbers.


The Threats and Solutions in Tropical Rainforest

Logging also becomes a primary concern in a tropical rainforest. People cut down trees for numerous commodities, especially timber. They use the wood in furniture, flooring, etc. Many industries cut down trees in order to generate power or electricity. Also, there’s paper industry. They eradicate forest trees in order to produce pulp. What’s more? People also have a significant interest in agriculture. They clear forests in order to have more croplands. When it comes to mining operations, they may sacrifice the forests to build dig mines and roads.

What are the solutions? The government must make a clear law regarding logging activity. They need to prohibit clear-cut. Instead, they recommend selective trees culling. This simple solution can save the tropical rainforest in the future. The next solution is education. There should be a campaign on the dangers of deforestation. Hopefully, people may understand and stop their bad habits. It can slow and stop deforestation. Those who live near to rainforests shouldn’t clear cut the trees to create farmlands. Instead, they can harvest fruits, nuts, and other renewable resources from the forest.

The tropical rainforest is important to the earth. It has a significant role in reducing carbon dioxide. Also, it becomes the home of many species of animals and plants. There are many threats, though. People should take an action now. At least, they need to slow deforestations. It’s a matter of personal. Some industries are blindly cutting the trees. They don’t even care about the consequences. If this issue continues, the earth will lose their precious rainforest. That’s for sure. This includes Indonesia.

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