The Core of Government of Indonesia – Jakarta

Speaking of the government of Indonesia, Jakarta is the capital city of this nation. Not only it’s a big city, but it also offers many interesting tourist spots. Today, there are hundreds of ethnic groups in Jakarta. Diversity is a perfect representation of such metropolitan. It’s situated in West Java. From Jakarta, you can explore other provinces including Bandung, Banten, etc. There are also nearest cities such as Depok, Bogor, Tangerang, and Bekasi. Jakarta has been an astonishing tourist area in Indonesia. You can get around easily from and to this city. Thanks to modern transportation. Since there are many tourist spots in Jakarta, you can start with Jakarta History Museum.


About the History Museum of Jakarta

The other name is Fatahillah or Batavia Museum. This is the most famous tourist spot in Jakarta. It’s situated in Kota Tua. In the past, this building was a Batavia city hall. The government opened this place for public in 1974. You can find many objects from the past. These include several objects during Jayakarta, Dutch colonialism, and the Independence of Indonesia periods. In terms of accessibility, the museum is quite easy to reach. It’s situated near to Fatahillah Square. The other buildings near to Batavia Museum are Ceramic and Wayang Museum.

government of Indonesia-Jakarta Stadhuis

government of Indonesia-Jakarta Stadhuis (Museum of Jakarta)

The government of Indonesia has taken a good care of such building. Fatahillah Museum contains more than 30 ornate rooms. If you go down, there are several cells. These were used as dungeons. As a matter of fact, Prince Diponegoro was once arrested in this dungeon in 1830. He was a prisoner of Batavia city hall prior to being exiled to Manado. Today, many tourists visit this museum. It becomes an interesting place to see historical and unique items. The building is situated in a public square. That means there are many local people hanging around this location. You may never feel alone when visiting the museum.


Enjoying a Quality Time in Jakarta

 If you take a look at the midst of the square, you can find a fountain. It served as a water supply in the past. There’s also a famous Si Jagur Cannon. It’s actually Portuguese cannon. There’s an ornament showing a fico gesture. It represents the fertility of the people. Here’s another interesting fact about the square. Many executions were done here during the colonial era. Once you have gained fun outside, it’s time to enter the museum. There are more than 23,000 objects inside Jakarta History Museum. These include paintings, archeological objects, historic maps, and many others.

Overall, Fatahillah or Jakarta History Museum is an important tourist destination. That means you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit such famous building. It contains tons of historical collections. There are different rooms inside. Each of them displays a specific category of objects. Prehistoric Jakarta Room is the most famous one. Not to mention there’s a Tugu Inscription replica. Well, you won’t get bored here. There are many things to see. The government of Indonesia opens this museum for both local and foreign visitors. Are you ready to go? Don’t forget to visit other tourist objects in Jakarta.

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