Dare to Try Spicy Aceh Noodle?

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Asia tour destination - Aceh Noodle (Mie Aceh or Acehnese Noodle)

Asia tour destination – Aceh Noodle (Mie Aceh or Acehnese Noodle)

Indonesia always becomes a famous Asia tour destination. The first reason is due to its beauty. Many tourist destinations offer distinct nature views. Apart from it, there are many traditional foods available. In North Sumatra, you can find Mie Aceh or Acehnese Noodle. It’s quite spicy and flavorsome. This food represents the cultural history of local people. There are also the influences of foreign cultures in Aceh province. Mie Aceh uses spicy curry-based soup. It’s the impact of Indian foods. The prime ingredient is the noodle. Thanks to Chinese influence. Today, all parts of Indonesia sell Mie Aceh. That means it’s easy to find this unique food.


Asia tour destination - Aceh Noodle (Mie Aceh or Acehnese Noodle)

Asia tour destination – Mie Aceh or Acehnese Noodle

About Aceh Noodle

Mie Aceh has a spicy taste. It’s suitable for those who love the hot cuisine. The food uses spicy curry and yellow noodle. You can choose either dry or soupy form. The authentic Mie Aceh includes prawn, goat meat, or beef. As a matter of fact, some restaurants include lobster as an additional dish. You must try this one. That doesn’t mean you need to visit Aceh. There have been many Indonesian restaurants that provide such unique cuisine. The price varies. It depends on the type of Mie Aceh that you order. The most expensive one is full-sized lobster Mie Aceh. It’s around Rp. 100,000.

As a famous Asia tour destination, Indonesia is quite proud of its traditional foods. Spicy Mie Aceh with lobster is quite happening recently. Bigger lobsters have more flesh. Moreover, they are sweeter. The curry sauce is indeed quite spicy. Dry Mie Aceh has a mild orange color. Perhaps it’s similar to spaghetti. There are many toppings such as shallots, onions, etc. Indonesian spices are the best. They are flavorsome. Eating Mie Aceh will be one of the best experiences. Not to mention there are many types of Mie Aceh available.


Try Other Variations

As mentioned earlier, you can find lobster Mie Aceh. There’s another popular type. It includes pigeon meat. Not only it’s delicious, but it’s also healthy. Pigeon meat doesn’t have much skin fat and cholesterol. It contains many vitamins and micronutrients. You must try it. It’s rare to find this type of Mie Aceh though. You should ask for information from local people first. This way, you will find the location right away. The best place to hunt various types of such traditional cuisine is in Aceh. Both the taste and texture are more authentic as compared to other regions.

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In summary, Aceh Noodle becomes one of the reasons to visit Indonesia. As an interesting Asia tour destination, this country should be on your bucket list. Mie Aceh has flavorsome taste and unique texture. Apart from it, you can try other traditional cuisines such as Cane, Nasi Goreng Aceh, and many others. There’s also a famous beverage here. The name is Teh Tarik. It’s the combination of tea and milk. Overall, you the foods are worth the money. You can even try Mie Aceh that comes with either lobster or pigeon meat. These are irreplaceable. Are you ready to visit Indonesia?

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