Deciding Where to Go in Indonesia

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where to go in Indonesia - Tanah Lot Bali

where to go in Indonesia – Tanah Lot Bali

Since there are many tourist destinations in Indonesia, you should know where to go in Indonesia. First, you shouldn’t miss the capital of the country. Jakarta should be your primary destination. It’s the mixture city of culture. You may find various people in Jakarta. Not to mention it has many interesting places to visit. There are many high-class restaurants and street foods. You can try different types of Indonesian traditional foods in Jakarta. The most famous one is Ketoprak.


Where to Go in Indonesia

1. Amazing Vacation to Bali

 Once you have explored Jakarta, it’s time to visit Bali Island. It’s a small piece of heaven. The island is famous for its beautiful beaches, lakes, mountains, and other nature beauties. Would you like to meet wild monkeys? There’s Alas Kedaton. For a romantic vacation, you can enjoy an astonishing sunset at Pura Tanah Lot. There are also other sacred temples in Bali. What about the beaches? The most famous one is Kuta. If you want to enjoy a beautiful lake, there’s Bedugul Lake.


2. Witnessing Animals at Tanjung Puting

 For animal lovers, there’s Tanjung Puting National Park. It’s situated in Kalimantan. The park becomes the best destination to see wild things. One of the most famous animals is Orang Utan. Foreigners recognize it as the forest people. These beasts are quite beautiful. You can see the wild animals in their habitat. The park also becomes a perfect place to conserve other wild animals. There are various wild birds, reptiles, and mammals.


3. Komodo Island

 Indonesia isn’t all about beautiful tourist places. There’s a unique animal in this country. It’s the Komodo dragon. Apart from this rare lizard, the island also offers a unique beach. It has stunning pink color! The island is also suitable for scuba divers. Foreign visitors can rely on Jagawana. It’s the ranger of the island. Jagawana may help all tourists regarding any possible issues. The ranger can even deal with ferocious Komodo. The rangers make sure that tourists are safe in the island.


4. East Java

There are many things to do in East Java. There’s the most famous mountain. The name is Mount Bromo. It’s suitable for explorers and adventurers. You can trek across the sandy mountain. It’s fun to ride a pony, for sure. For a faster trekking, you can ride a jeep. Mount Bromo is also a perfect place for climbers. You can enjoy a beautiful sunrise in the morning. Make sure that you wear proper clothes and protection. There are local guides nearby so you can ask for assistance. The trip can be tiring. Make sure that you have a good stamina.



 No worries. There are too many places where to go in Indonesia. You only need to prepare the budget. Don’t forget to gather as much information as possible. A tourist agent can help you to prepare everything. The cost varies. You should compare them prior to hiring. There are some important skills to learn. For example, you need to know how to bargain. The local sellers around the tourist places put too much price on their items. Don’t fall for their high prices.

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