Delicious and Crusty Egg from Betawi

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Asia tour destination - Crusty Egg from Betawi - kerak telor

Asia tour destination – Crusty Egg from Betawi

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. If you are visiting this Asia tour destination, you need to try its traditional food. The name is Kerak telor. It’s actually an egg crust. It’s one of the most popular traditional dishes in Betawi. This spicy omelet has been a famous food in Jakarta. It combines the egg, rice, serundeng, dried shrimps, and fried shallots. One thin, Kerak telor is a snack. It’s not the main dish. That means it doesn’t really satisfy your hunger. Usually, you can find it in any special events in Jakarta. Never miss this food. Many visitors really enjoy it.


About Kerak Telor

Even though there are different types of omelets around the world, Kerak telor offers a unique texture. It’s more flavorsome than regular omelets. The secret lies in its ingredients. There’s coconut within. Just because it has a similar texture to scrambled eggs, it’s unique. It isn’t savory. It’s a completely different omelet. Still, the primary ingredient is the egg. The seller will make a portion of Kerak telor once you order him. You can buy it in small vendors in the street. The best time to find those vendors is during festivals or events in Jakarta. You can enjoy both the events and this food.

Put Jakarta on your list of Asia tour destination. Eating Kerak telor will be an unforgettable experience. The vendor usually uses sticky rice as the part of the ingredient. Local people call it Ketan. There’s either chicken or duck egg. The second option is more delicious, though. Not to mention there are also some spices. All of these ingredients are mixed together. There’s no cooking oil. It’s quite sticky and crispy. As additions, there are dried shrimp, shallots, and serundeng (grated coconut). The taste is flavorsome. You will definitely love it. So, how much is it?


Buying Kerak Telor in Jakarta

Asia tour destination - Crusty Egg from Betawi - kerak telor

Asia tour destination – Crusty Egg from Betawi – (kerak telor)

If you choose Kerak telor with duck egg, you need to pay more. It’s around Rp. 25.000. You can easily find the vendors at the Setu Babakan and Jakarta Fair Grounds. The chicken egg isn’t a bad choice. It’s cheaper as well. Remember, the prices may go up when there are big events. That means you need to prepare more money when attending festivals. Today, it’s difficult to find good vendors. Their numbers decrease over time. It’s even rarer to find Kerak telor vendors outside Jakarta. If you really want to eat it, Jakarta is the best destination. Old Town and Monas are the good spots to find them.

Kerak telor offers uniqueness. Jakarta becomes a good Asia tour destination due to many reasons. One of them is its culinary attractions. In the past, Kerak telor was quite famous. Colonial government served it during special occasions. Rich Betawi also did the same thing. It’s a satisfying and flavorsome food. Today, you can find it mainly in Jakarta. The other alternatives are Tegal, Cimahi, Garut, and Padang. The other regions also sell Kerak telor. Still, these can compare to the authentic one. What do you think? Are you visiting Jakarta this year?

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