The Most Delicious Indonesian Desserts

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Indonesian Desserts - Es Palubutung

Indonesian Desserts – Es Palubutung

Once you eat your main course, it’s time to enjoy the dessert. What do you want to have? Have you ever tried any Indonesian desserts? Each region in Indonesia has a unique dessert. Some of them are quite delicious. First, you have Es Palubutung. It’s a unique dessert from Makassar. Just because you want to eat such dessert, doesn’t mean you need to come to Makassar. It’s available in almost all regions. It’s also popular in Java. The main ingredient of Es Palubutung is the banana. The other ingredients are red beans, syrup, and rice flour porridge.


The Worth of Indonesian Desserts

Indonesian Desserts

Es Puter

When it is about famous desserts in Indonesia, you can also have Es Puter. The other name is Es Dung-Dung. The prime ingredient is coconut milk. It’s actually a local ice cream. Usually, the sellers promote their product using a cart or bicycle. You can easily find them on outdoor events and public places. Es Puter has been a popular Indonesia dessert for 15 years. However, it’s difficult to find the seller these days. The fierce competition with franchise ice cream products becomes the cause of this issue.


Indonesian Desserts

Es Doger

One of the best Indonesian desserts is Es Doger. Most of you have heard it, for sure. It comes from Bandung, West Java. Indonesia is a tropical country. Drinking Es Doger is quite refreshing. You can buy it either on the streets or restaurants. The ingredients are slices of bread, coconut meat, kolang-kaling, milk, avocado, jackfruit, etc. Local people also use fermented cassava in this dessert. The mixture of these ingredients is indeed satisfying. You should try it someday. Don’t forget to bring your friends when coming to Bandung.


Indonesian Desserts

Asinan Buah

The next famous dessert is the pickled fruits. It comes from Bogor, West Java. It’s a little bit spicy and sour. Still, it’s refreshing. It’s a perfect dessert for any types of meals. Both kids and adults love pickled fruits. The local name is Asinan Buah. It includes any types of fresh fruits. The prime ingredients are salak, mangoes, pineapple, kedongdong, and yam. Some people even include some fresh vegetables and dry peanuts. Do you like these extras?


You Must Try Them All

Indonesian Desserts - Grilled Tape

Indonesian Desserts – Grilled Tape

There are other types of desserts in Indonesia. Your next choice is grilled tape. It’s the fermented cassava. You can choose different toppings for this dessert. The most popular one is cheese topping. Most local people eat it in the evening. It’s a perfect partner for a cup of hot milk. Do you want to spend at night comfortably? Don’t forget to include grilled tape for your dessert. There’s also Wajik cake. It’s made of jackfruits, red sugar, and glutinous rice. It has a chewy texture. The taste is a little bit sweet. Not to mention it has a fragrant smell.

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Overall, Indonesian desserts never disappoint you. There are many other types of the desserts. You can browse on the internet. However, the list of desserts above is the most famous ones among others. What do you think? Perhaps you want to learn how to make them. Well, it doesn’t take much effort. What you need are the right ingredients and recipes. You can even learn directly from local people. Good luck!

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