Delightful Dragon Fruit Benefits to Health – the Hidden Truth

dragon fruit benefits

Dragon fruit benefits

When people hear about dragon fruit benefits, they might think about different ideas. Despite the unique name, the fruit indeed provides beneficial effects to health. Before discussing it, it is better to learn a bit about the fruit. Mostly, people call it dragon fruit, but it has another name. The official name is Pitaya and it belongs to a cactus family. It is originated from several nations and regions like South America, Center America, and Mexico. Today, it’s even cultivated in Asia countries, including Indonesia.

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The History

So, is dragon fruit good for you? The answer is definitely yes. Not only it provides lots of health benefits, but it also has an interesting history. According to trusted sources, a man from France carried the plant from Guyana to Vietnam. It was in 1870, actually. At that time, people considered dragon fruit plant (Thang Loy) as a decorative item. They also considered it bringing luck to their life. No wonder, they put the fruit between dragon statues on an altar. This culture spread all over the globe later.

dragon fruit benefits


Many Dragon Fruit Benefits

The question is regarding health benefits of dragon fruit. Even though the fruit is quite popular, some people still have no ideas about its impacts on health. The most common benefit is to fight cancerous cells. The fact is cancer becomes one of the dangerous diseases in the world. No cure has been found yet, but people can prevent it by eating healthy foods, especially fruits. Thanks to Pitaya as it contains Phyto albumin antioxidants, which is able to fight free radicals and eradicate toxins that may cause cancer. What are the other benefits?


  • Retaining Ideal Weight

Many dragon fruit benefits are available and one of them is to reduce weight. Many people include it in their daily diet, in fact. They take advantage of its protein richness and low carbohydrate and fats. No wonder, it is suitable for those who want to get an ideal body and retain their healthy weight. Moreover, dragon fruits are famous for its fiber, which helps improve the digestive system. That means it helps to flush toxins and fats out of the body, so people need to consume it daily!


  • Diabetes Prevention

Just because people are confident with their health condition, doesn’t mean they are free from getting a troublesome disease like diabetes. The risk remains high, after all. What they can do is to prevent it as much as they can. A healthy lifestyle is indeed helpful. These include eating healthy fruit like Pitaya. Due to its low carbohydrate, it can prevent diabetes and manage healthy blood sugar level. The fact is people can eat it daily without worrying the risk of getting diabetes.


  • Soothing Asthma and Cough

The cold season is coming near. It is the beginning of numerous health problems, including a cough and asthma. Well, people can take advantage of dragon fruit benefits. How come? All healthy compounds of the fruit bring positive effects to the respiratory system. No wonder, it is known as a good remedy to soothe a cough, asthma, and similar health issues. Eating raw is recommended, but some people are likely to make juices from it. For the best result, it is better to add some healthy extras like honey or milk.


  • Bone Strengthening

One of the most significant dragon fruit benefits is related to the health of the bones. Here is the fact. Pitaya consists of numerous nutrients like phosphor, calcium, and zinc. All of them contribute to bone health, for sure. Due to this fact, both young and old people should never overlook the importance of dragon fruit. Having strong bones are significant for everyone, after all. The result is even better if they consume milk and healthy foods. Overall, the fruit should be in everyone’s fridge!


How to Eat Dragon Fruit

how to eat dragon fruit

How to eat dragon fruit

Learning dragon fruit benefits is a must. Still, it is also important to learn a bit about how to eat it. First, people should pick the right one. The color of the skin should be radiant and fresh, which means dragon fruits with spots are bad choices. Before eating, they must cut it using a knife on its both sides. The flesh of the fruit is either white or red and it comes with edible seeds. What people need to do is to separate the flesh from the skin either using a knife or spoon. They can directly eat it or use the flesh for juices or other recipes. Some people are into fruit salad, after all. They would mix it with other fruits and honey.


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