Distinct Egg-roll from Indonesia – Lumpia

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Asia tour destination-Egg roll from Indonesia-Lumpia

Asia tour destination-Egg roll from Indonesia-Lumpia

What do you know about Semarang? It’s the capital of Central Java, Indonesia. Apart from being a great Asia tour destination, there are other interesting things here. For example, you can buy a famous traditional snack in here. It’s called Lumpia. It’s similar to the egg roll, actually. Even though it comes from China, Lumpia has been one of the best traditional snacks of Indonesia. The food contains vegetables and meat. The egg-based wrapper rolls all of those ingredients. You can either eat Lumpia fresh or dry. Not to mention there are different types available. It’s both tasty and crunchy. Thus, it becomes a perfect snack during a vacation in Semarang.


The Variations

Asia tour destination-Egg roll from Indonesia-LumpiaThe filling includes various types of vegetables and shredded meat. These are either cooked or fresh. The wraps are usually made of egg-based crepe or lettuce. The size of Lumpia varies. It can be around 3 – 7 inches. In another country, Lumpia has another name. It’s called naked spring roll in Philippine. You can find other fillings, as well. These include beef and pork meat. There are also some spices. This snack comes with either sour or sweet sauce. Before buying it, you should learn some versions of Lumpia. Each of them has unique taste and texture.

Semarang can be a nice Asia tour destination. You can find different types of Lumpia here. There’s a unique variation called Prito. It has crunchy and crisp texture. As for the sauce, it can be either chili vinegar or soy sauce. There’s also Turon Lumpia. It contains brown sugar and jackfruit. That means it has a sweet taste. Do you want to try it? Today, you can find many food stands in any regions. You can find it easily as there are many sellers available. Lumpia has become a favorite street snack. Thanks to passionate Lumpia makers.


More things to Know

Apart from a brown sauce, there is also cucumber pickle. If you are interested in making your own Lumpia, you can learn the recipe from the internet. There have been many wrappers in a supermarket. Still, it won’t be the same as the original Lumpia in Semarang. If you are going to visit Central Java, you mustn’t forget to buy such snack. Indonesia is a wonderful country. Even its traditional foods are intriguing. The fresh Lumpia isn’t as crispy as dry ones. Each of you has different preferences, after all. Which one are you going to choose? Dried Lumpia is more famous, though.

Among different versions, Lumpia Semarang is the best one. It represents the richness of taste and texture. You can choose different fillings. Mostly, it contains bamboo shoots, meats, eggs, and many others. When it comes to the sauce, you can choose either savory or sweet sauce. As a recommended Asia tour destination, Indonesia should promote their Lumpia worldwide. Today, you can even find it in major countries like the United States, Great Britain, Australia, and many others. If you want to try the original one, you must visit Indonesia restaurants or food stands. Semarang is the best destination.

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