Don’t be Careless in Choosing Surabaya Hotels

Surabaya Hotels - hotel majapahit

Surabaya Hotels – Majapahit

Surabaya is the capital of East Java. It’s indeed a big city. Tourists won’t get bored here. For instance, there’s Surabaya Zoo. It’s the place to witness different Southeast Asia animals. That means you can almost find everything here. Mangrove Forest Ecotourism is also a good thing to do in this city. Since there are many attractions to explore, you may spend more than one day in Surabaya. In this case, you need to compare Surabaya hotels. It sounds tiring, doesn’t it? As long as you have gathered the options, you can choose it easily.


Some Great Surabaya Hotels

Many options of hotels are available. You can pick freely. Among the best hotels in Surabaya, there’s Majapahit hotel. It’s one of the oldest buildings in such city. Visitors are impressed by its historical structure and design. In the past, Majapahit Hotel was called Oranje hotel. It was built in 1910. During the Japanese invasion, the name changed to Yamato hotel. Today, it becomes tourists’ favorite place to stay. You can feel colonialism atmosphere inside. No worries. The facilities are quite outstanding.

The next option is Bumi Surabaya City Resort. The past name was Hyatt Regency. It obtained the new name in 2008. You can find it in Jend. Basuki Rahmat Street. It’s located in the downtown. That means you are able to reach numerous tourist attractions in Surabaya. When it comes to facilities, there are more than 200 rooms. The theme of the hotel is Javanese culture. You can even enjoy traditional music near to the lobby. On top of that, you can try East Java traditional foods. Foreign tourists love this hotel much.

There’s Shangri-La hotel in Surabaya. Many tourists have been familiar with it. If you love western theme, it’s a perfect hotel for you. The rooms apply a luxury concept. It provides the best comfort for visitors. In fact, Shangri-La hotel becomes one of the best places to stay in Indonesia. There’s a meeting room, as well. Next, you have JW Marriot hotel. It’s also one of the best luxury hotels in Surabaya. You can find many restaurants here. What a great place to stay!

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More Surabaya Hotels to Choose

If you look for an eco-friendly hotel in Surabaya, your choice is Sheraton. The management tries to reduce the use of water, electricity, and paper. Due to this effort, it becomes a potential green hotel in Indonesia. Sheraton Surabaya hotel is located near to Tunjungan Plaza mall. You can reach the mall for shopping in a matter of seconds. It’s the best place to stay for those who love shopping. It’s also suitable for a family vacation.

Ciputra World hotel also becomes a good choice when visiting Surabaya. It was opened in 2014. That means it’s a new hotel. The location is at Mayjend Sungkono Street. It’s also near to Ciputra World mall. It applies a western and luxury theme. In order to stay in such luxurious place, you must spend lots of cash. All the facilities are new and appealing, though. Overall, it’s worth the money. Surabaya is a great city. Don’t ruin your vacation due to bad hotels. Choose one of those recommended hotels above. Good luck!

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