Don’t Miss These Things in Batam Indonesia

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Batam Indonesia

Batam Indonesia – Hang Nadim Air Port

Batam Indonesia is located near to Singapore. If you are in Batam Island, you can witness the Singapore Island from there. What is good about Batam? It offers the beauty of the beach. Many tourists come to the island due to its beach. However, you can do other things. For instance, it’s all about shopping. Do you like shopping? Nagoya Hill Mall will be your paradise. It’s one of the best spots to shop in Batam. Some of the sellers accept both IDR and SGD. You can find local foods, sports equipment, and many other things. Don’t forget to bargain.


Enjoying Numerous Attractions in Batam Indonesia

A good vacation in Batam should be comfortable. In this case, you can spend your quality time at spa and massage services. It ranges from cheap to expensive ones. The most regular service is around 180,000 IDR. You can walk around to find the most suitable spa service for you. Once you relax at the spa and pampering service, you must try the delicious seafood. There are many places to try fresh seafood in Batam. On top of that, the prices are quite affordable. Eating crabs and prawns is indeed tempting.

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Foreign tourists really love Batam Indonesia. It’s because they can drink alcohol and drink freely. Local people aren’t strict about it. The price of the liquors is affordable, as well. You can even find many drinking places nearby. If drinking isn’t your thing, you can try the water sports and other adventurous activities. Many families come to Batam for this reason. You must bring your family as well. There are many things to try. There are parasailing, banana boat, kayaking, etc. You shouldn’t miss any of them.

For businessmen and sports lovers, Batam offers numerous golf courses. You can play golf and witness the beauty of coastal view at the same time. The most famous one is Tering Bay International. It’s an international golf course. The designer is Greg Norman. The next adventure is situated in the north part of the island. You can explore the coastal area by riding a motorbike. Some tourists prefer to ride a bike, though.


More Considerations

The northern part of Batam Indonesia is famous for its coastlines. The best activity to do is mountain biking. You can explore the seafront and green jungle. Remember, you should have known the track. Tourists can get lost easily due to carelessness. Once you have explored the northern coasts, you must visit Maha Vihara. It’s actually a Buddhist Temple. The temple is spacious and big. It’s also considered as one of enormous temples in South Asia.

So, are you ready to visit Batam Indonesia? There are too many things to do. You must try them all. As beginners, you need to gather as much information about the island. It’s the safest way to spend a vacation in Batam. is your partner. You can explore the site to find the finest tourist information and tips. Batam Island isn’t the exception. Make sure you spend a good vacation in Batam.

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