Easy Iced Coffee Recipe – You Should Try It

Iced Coffee Recipe

Iced Coffee Recipe

So, what is the fuss about iced coffee? Isn’t it a regular coffee with ice? Well, it’s not that simple. The thing is you need to find a good iced coffee recipe from Indonesia. The best one is cold brewed. Just because it’s a fancy term, doesn’t mean it’s hard to make. The aim is to reduce the coffee acidity. That means iced coffee should be less acid than regular ones. As the result, it comes with more intricate flavor and advanced sweetness.

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The Best Iced Coffee Recipe

 This is what you should do to make 6 ounces of iced coffee:


  1. Prepare a small pitcher. You can also use a 1-quart measuring cup. Put 1/3 cup ground coffee in it and 1 1/3 cups cold water. Remember, you should wait until the entire lumps vanish.


  1. Next, you must cover the pitcher. Make sure that it’s tightly covered. Put the pitcher in a fridge for 6 hours. Don’t leave the pitcher more than one night, though. Otherwise, it gets quite bitter.


  1. Rinse the coffee using a filter. Pour the coffee into the cups. You can add sugar as well. It’s as simple as that!


Why is Iced Coffee Recipe Popular?

Usually, hot or warm coffee is popular. You can relax at home and drink a cup of coffee. It’s the best beverage in the morning. However, iced coffee provides a unique sensation. It’s both refreshing and mesmerizing. It’s the best drink during a hot or sunny day. Well, each of you has a reason to love this drink. Apart from cool sensation, you can take advantage of iced coffee health benefits. Is it true? In the United States, people love it so much.

Today, iced coffee becomes more popular. It can improve energy. It’s also one of the best drinks in summer. The thing is there are many health benefits of it. Iced coffee protects you from numerous diseases. These include type 2 diabetes, cancers, Parkinson’s disease, and cardiovascular diseases. Experts have discovered lots of antioxidants in this drink. In fact, it’s one of the best sources of antioxidants.

More Benefits from Iced Coffee

Many people believe iced coffee may reduce stroke risk. It also slower and reduce the progression of cancer. It also protects your eyes against many diseases. Those who drink iced coffee aren’t likely to suffer a depression. One thing, pregnant women should limit the intake of this drink. Why is that? Caffeine isn’t good for her and baby’s health. 200 milligrams a day is max. Also, caffeine isn’t good for those with insomnia. If you have sleep issues, you should reduce the consumption of iced coffee.

In summary, an iced coffee recipe isn’t difficult to make. Not to mention it takes only a few of minutes to prepare. There are different variations of recipes, too. You can try different choices. All of them are good. When it comes to extras, you can either use sugar or other types of sweeteners. Many people in the United States like a plain iced coffee, though. They consider it as a better option to enjoy a cup of coffee.

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