Eating Delicious Dessert Bika Ambon from Indonesia

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Asia tour destination – Bika Ambon it comes From Medan

Indonesia is a top Asia tour destination. It’s true that you can visit various tourist destinations. All of them are beautiful. What’s more? Indonesia has lots of unique foods. For example, there’s Bika Ambon. Even though it includes “Ambon” in the name, it comes from Medan. Most tourists buy it as a gift. No one knows the history of Bika Ambon. Some locals believe that it came from Ambonese traders. Locals liked it and decided to learn how to make Bika Ambon. Today, you can find more than 30 stores in Mojopahit Street, Medan. It’s the most famous place to find such cake.


A Famous Cake from Medan

It’s true that Bika is famous cake in Medan. However, other regions also sell it. You can find the cake in Central Java and other provinces. Thanks to retail shops. It’s challenging to make Bika. However, many people have failed numerous times. It isn’t a regular cake. The key is the hole. You need to make a hole in it. Otherwise, it becomes mushy. Original Bika is replaceable. Even though you are a good baker, you aren’t able to recreate it perfectly. Many instructions are available on the internet, though. Some experts even share their secrets in making Bika Ambon.

As a famous Asia tour destination, Indonesia has lots of delicious foods. You shouldn’t skip Bika. It has springy and honeycomb structure. The taste is unique. Local people are able to make perfect Bika. What is their secret? Perhaps it’s the temperature control. Bika also has a buttery and rich aroma. The texture is quite springy. It’s the only cake that has such characteristics. In Malaysia, there’s a similar cake. The name is Sarang Semut. In terms of structure, there are similar. Though, the ingredients are different. Bika Ambon uses sago or tapioca flour. On the other hand, Sarang Semut uses self-rising flour and baking soda.


Dare to Make Bika?

Remember, you shouldn’t miss basic ingredients in making Bika. These include eggs, sago, tapioca flour, coconut milk, and sugar. This is a specialty cake from Indonesia, especially Medan. The taste is flavorsome and sweet. Usually, it comes in Pandan flavor. However, you can get many other flavors including durian and banana. As a matter of fact, there are chocolate and cheese flavors. What a great cake! It will be a great gift for people in your country. Indonesians often serve Bika on special occasions like a family meeting, Ramadan, and others. All people love it.

Overall, you have many reasons to visit Indonesia. As a great Asia tour destination, Medan is one of the intriguing cities. There are beautiful tourist spots to visit. Apart from that, you can buy some traditional foods. Bika Ambon is the best choice. The cake is suitable for big day. You can treat your guests well with it. If you decide to make it at home, you should conduct lots of practice. It isn’t easy to recreate a perfect Bika. Even professional bakers have some difficulties. Selection of ingredients also affects the result. It’s better to buy Bika Ambon directly in Medan. Since you spend a vacation in North Sumatra, finding Bika isn’t hard at all.

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