Enjoy a Memorable Vacation in Senggigi Region Lombok

best places to travel in Lombok - Senggigi Beach Lombok

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It’s fortunate that you can find some best places to travel in Lombok Indonesia. One of the top destinations is the Senggigi region. It’s actually a coastal area. That means you are able to find many beaches here. Even though the area is undeveloped, many visitors come here every day. There are also some hotels in Senggigi. Tourists won’t be difficult to find a place to spend a night. This tourist place is situated in a remote location. No worries. You can reach it by public transport.


Visiting Senggigi Region

As a Lombok’s tourist place, Senggigi offers a soothing environment. It’s suitable for those who love water sports. The beaches have comfortable and light sand. If you take a look at the surrounding, you can find beautiful sceneries like coconut palms, mountains, and other nature attractions. Do you like surfing? Good. It’s a perfect place to enjoy such fun activity. On top of that, you are able to see the beautiful Gunung Agung from afar. It’s a worthy vacation for you and your family.

The numbers of visitors increase over time. Thanks to the beauty of Senggigi. Not to mention there are high-quality restaurants and hotels. The residents of the area are also friendly. If you want to explore other places, there’s Batu Bolong temple. It’s situated in the south part of Senggigi. It’s actually a Hindu Temple. Despite its small size, the temple attracts many visitors. The best thing about the temple is the location. It’s strategically situated in a scenic spot. You can oversee Senggigi Beach from there.

Batu Bolong temple makes Senggigi as one of the best places to travel in Lombok Indonesia. The meaning of the name is a rock with a hole. If you take a look at its top, you can find a chair that represents the God of creation (Brahma). There’s no entry free. Most of the visitors want to enjoy sunsets from the temple. It’s suitable for those who want to enjoy a beautiful honeymoon with the partner. What do you think?


You Will Never Regret Coming There

 The top attraction of Senggigi region is the beach. The best beach to enjoy the sunset is in Karangdangan. Many Lombok residents and tourists visit it time after time. These people want to enjoy the beauty of the beach. Some of them take advantage of this location to socialize with each other. Not to mention the beach is suitable for swimming. If you are hungry, there are local stalls or warungs there. They sell various snacks, especially satay.

Many tour packages include Senggigi in the list of best places to travel in Lombok. You should book now. You can get good packages like village visits and other tours. You can buy some handicrafts in Senggigi. Apart from beaches, the region also offers beautiful waterfall. The rural activities are also interesting. You are able to visit some solemn villages in the Senggigi. Remember, the beaches and other vacation spots in Senggigi are quite crowded on Sunday. The road becomes a little bit hectic. It gets worse when the sunset comes. Be prepared for it.

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