Enjoying Numerous Types of Indonesian Soups

indonesian soups

indonesian soups

Indonesia is rich in traditional foods. There are many kinds of soup as well. In terms of category, you can enjoy either Soto or soups. The local name of soups is a sop. Actually, it’s quite similar to Western soup. There are cuts of vegetables and clear broth. What about Soto? It includes rice, lemon grass, chilies, and sour galingale. The best time to eat sop is during cold days. Soto is suitable for those who love spicy foods. In some regions, people include rice noodle in Soto.

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Learning Variations of Indonesian Soups

Apart from those two categories, you can also find bakso. It’s similar to the soup but it includes some meatballs. You can buy bakso from pushcarts out there. The size of the meatballs varies. You will be amazed someday. There’s a 5-kilos meatball, too. When it comes to the taste, bakso includes many condiments and spices. Each region also has unique bakso variation. One of them is Bakso Kerikil. The size of the meatballs is smaller than other variations. On the other hand, Bakso Tenis is the biggest meatballs.

The next variation of Indonesian soups is Konro. Foreign people call it spicy ribs soup. It’s a famous soup in Makasar, South Sulawesi. There are just too many options of Indonesian soups out there. Next, you have the red kidney bean soup. The local name is Brenebon. It has unique broth which is made from boiled pig’s feet. Some people also use chicken or beef’s trotters.  If you visit Cirebon, you can find Empal Gentong. It’s their famous food. It’s actually beef offal soup. The taste is tasty and spicy.

What’s more? There’s Opor Ayam. The main ingredient of this soup is chicken meat. The broth is mixed with coconut milk. You can find it in many regions of Central Java. People also use various ingredients in it. Next, there’s the Oxtail soup. As the name suggests, the main ingredient is the tail of an ox. Local people call this soup as Sop Buntut. Now, it’s time to visit East Java. Here you can find Rawon. The black keluak broth will make you amazed. It’s mixed in a beef stew. What a great soup!


The Option of Indonesian Soups is Limitless

There are Indonesian soups that use clear broth as well. Some of them are Sayur Asem, Sayur Bayam, Sayur Lodeh, and Tekwan. Simply put, Indonesia is rich in soups. You have lots of options. Perhaps some of them don’t suit your taste. Still, they are all worth a try. You can enjoy them while spending a vacation in Indonesia. Almost all regions provide different types of soups. It won’t be hard to find them.

The question is whether you can cook Indonesian soups by yourself or not. Learning the recipe of those soups isn’t difficult. The problem is that you can’t find some ingredients in your country. The best time to try them is during a vacation. It’s the only chance to taste the rarest soups out there. The best thing is that you can find different soups in each region of Indonesia. Don’t forget to browse some information about their specialties.

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