Visiting an Enormous Fishing Port in East Java – Muncar Fishing Port

Muncar Fishing Port

Muncar Fishing Port Banyuwangi Indonesia. Aerial Fotography Taken by Xiro Drone | Pilot : Panji Inu Kertapati

Banyuwangi becomes a new hit recently. It is because the region offers some interesting tourist spots. For example, there is Muncar Fishing Port. As the name implies, it is a trade center of fishes. Not to mention it is one of the biggest fishing ports in Java Island. Most of the local people in Banyuwangi use Maduranese Language. Also, the region is famous for its dried fish. Today, the port has become one of the best tourist spots in Banyuwangi. Many tourists come to the port to witness a unique fisherman’s activity.

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Many Attractions in Muncar Fishing Port

Most tourists have acknowledged Banyuwangi for its abundant tourist destinations. There are Plengkung Beach, Ijen Crater, Green Bay, and much more. However, there is a unique place to visit. It is Muncar Fishing Port. Local government tries to introduce it to more tourists. The port is located in Muncar District. As mentioned earlier, it has an enormous size. It can even accommodate thousands of fishermen’s boats. It also has an excellent access and facilities. Visitors can even find some interesting plants here.

Muncar Fishing Port

In Muncar Fishing Port, tourists may expect lots of fishermen. They have unique boats that come with colorful craving. These people are also approachable. They don’t get disturbed by the visitors, after all. Muncar also has a unique tradition. The name is “Petik Laut”. It is a kind of thanksgiving. Local people gather to thank the God for abundant fishes. They conduct this tradition every Islamic New Year (Suro). That means the best time to visit Muncar is during such occasion. Tourists can also learn daily routine of local people.

The best spot in Muncar is definitely its port. It is rich in marine resources. Many investors are attracted to take the opportunity in some industries, especially fish canning. Muncar Fishing Port indeed has a significant role to the economy. Another attraction is the colorful fishermen boats. These improve the value of the port as a tourist destination. Some visitors may take good pictures using those boats as the background. That is for sure.


Visiting Muncar Fishing Port

In a nutshell, Muncar Fishing Port is famous for its boats, fishermen’s activity, and the port itself. The port features a dock. The length is about 1 km. From here, tourists may enjoy beautiful sea scenery. The atmosphere gets better when there are some fishermen boats pass by. Today, the port becomes a favorite destination for sunset sightseeing. Many visitors come to enjoy the beautiful sunset every day. Not to mention it features unique routines of local fishermen. What a satisfying place to visit!

Even though Muncar Fishing Port belongs to the South Sea, the waves aren’t quite big. Thanks to Sembulungan Penisula. It helps reduce the forces of the South Sea waves. Tourists can also buy either fresh or dried fish here. They can also get near to the fishermen boats. The local name of the boat is “Slerek”. So, how can people get to Muncar Fishing Port? The port is situated in the Southeast of Muncar Region. Tourists can use public transportation to reach this location. They need to pass Rogojampi and Srono districts, as well.


Petik Laut Tradition

Best time to visit Muncar Fishing Port is on Muharram islamic calendar (Hijriyah). There is a party of the people / traditions named “Petik Laut”. Pick the sea “Petik Laut” is a traditional ceremony or a ritual as the gratitude to God, and to seek blessings sustenance and safety carried out by the fishermen. Generally, these activities are held throughout the island of Java, including Banyuwangi.

Ritual begins making of offerings by elders fishermen. Then a small boat (Perahu Saji / boat offerings) prepared and made beautiful as possible like a fishing boat used to sail, and the offerings are washed away into the sea. In a ceremony quotation sea fisherman boat decorating beautiful as possible, in addition to the various celebrations that were held as well as holding recitals, orchestra dangdut, and so on according to the wishes of the fishermen in each area.


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Petik Laut Muncar 2016

Petik Laut Muncar 2016

Petik Laut Muncar 2016

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