A Pleasurable Experience in Green Bay Banyuwangi

Green Bay Banyuwangi

Green Bay Banyuwangi – Aerial Fotography Taken by Xiro Drone | Pilot : Panji Inu Kertapati

In Banyuwangi, there is a famous tourist spot. The name is “Teluk Ijo”. Foreign tourists call it Green Bay Banyuwangi. It is located in Meru Betiri National Park, Pesanggaran. It is about 90 km from the main city. Why is it called a green bay? As the name implies, the sea water has a greenish color. It is indeed a unique vacation spot for tourists. In fact, the government has done many improvements. The beach is famous for its distinct beauty. It combines green color of the sea and white color of the sand.

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The Beauty of Green Bay Banyuwangi

The splash of the waves is quite soothing. It improves the relaxing ambiance of the green bay. Near to the beach, there are numerous coral reefs and tropical forest. All of them are quite natural. It is also the home of exotic animals like monkeys, leopards, and much more. They are wild animals. Visitors should talk to the staff prior to visiting the green bay. It can be risky sometimes. Thus, tourists should follow any instructions given by the staff.

Green Bay Banyuwangi

The most famous activity in Green Bay Banyuwangi is swimming. Visitors can enjoy the fresh and stunning sea water. Also, kids can play in the shorelines. The beach also features a small hill. Tourists can see the stunning scenery from there. Another unique attraction is the falls. It is located about 20 km from the bay. The water is quite refreshing. It comes with regular water debit, actually. Some visitors would like to take some pictures around the waterfall. It will be a beautiful background.

During the rainy season, the waterfall’s water debit is increasing. This may improve the beauty of the falls. It also provides fresh water to tourists. Since the green bay is situated a far from villages, the waterfall becomes the center of attraction. Tourists can wash their body after swimming in the beach. Though, they need to spend a few minutes to reach the falls. At noon, the weather can be so hot. It is better to carry some bottled water.

The rumor has it. Green Bay Banyuwangi features a legendary waterfall. According to the urban story, it was the gathering place of angels. They might spend their time bathing here. Still, it is only a myth. There is no proof at all. What’s next? Apart from beautiful beach and waterfall, this place is also famous among campers. Thanks to the unspoiled nature. Tough, it is considered unsafe for camping. The bay features a wild forest. Many wild animals live here. It is better to hire a local guide or ranger first.


Visiting Green Bay Banyuwangi


Reaching Green Bay Banyuwangi is easy. From the main city, tourists can use a minibus or rented car. It is better to hire a local driver. He knows the route well. If you come from Surabaya, you can choose numerous types of transportation. For example, you can use a train. It brings you directly to Banyuwangi. From the train station, you can use a taxi. Remember, you should carry much money. You may spend some money for transportation, accommodations, and foods.

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