Exploring the Best Indonesian Coffee Drinks

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Best Indonesian Coffee

Best Indonesian Coffee

Indonesia is rich in culture and nature beauties. Since it is a tropical country, Indonesia has many fertile lands. Coffee plants grow abundantly in some parts of the country. There are many plantations out there. Moreover, there are many options for the best Indonesian coffee. Each of them has unique characteristics and taste. Here are the options:

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Best Indonesian Coffee

  1. Javanese Coffee

Java Island is also famous for its coffee. It has regular texture and fragrant. A unique thing is the spice flavor. You can enjoy it either with sugar or not. Both way, it has unique characteristics and it is popular among locals and foreigners. All of you should try this type one of the best Indonesian coffee.


  1. Sumatran Coffee

 As the name suggests, it comes from Sumatra Island. The most famous ones are Mandheling, Lintong, Semendo and Sidikalang coffee. You can find them in the north part of the island. In the southern part of Sumatra, there are Semendo coffee and Lampung Coffee. Sumatran coffee has a heavy taste. In fact, it’s considered as the most complex one. It has an earthy taste and soft texture. The smell is a little bit heavy, though. People in Sumatra apply both dry-processed and semi-washed method. This unique protocol makes it even popular among coffee lovers worldwide.

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  1. Kintamani Coffee

 When in Bali, you must try Kintamani coffee. It’s abundant in Kintamani region. What makes it unique? It has a fresher taste than others. Not to mention it has a fruity taste. Why is that? Local people plant the coffee beans along with other plants like fruits and vegetables. This type of plant system is called “Tumpang Sari”. Apart from its fruity sensation, it also has a soft texture.


  1. Wamena Coffee

The next best Indonesian coffee, there’s Wamena coffee. It comes from West Papua. Local people plant the coffee beans on the highlands. The taste of the coffee is soft and tasty. When it comes to the aroma, it’s a little bit strong. In the market, Wamena coffee belongs to valuable commodities. It’s an organic product. There’s no exposure to chemicals at all. Since it has a soft texture, Wamena coffee can be your best beverage.


  1. Aceh Gayo Coffee

This is quite famous. Gayo coffee is famous for its delicious taste. It becomes one of the best coffees around the world. It’s less acidic than others. It’s also bitterer than other types of coffee. A unique thing is its aroma. The fragrance is unique so people can easily recognize it from afar. Even though it has a bitter taste, it provides a savory sensation. No wonder many people consider it as their favorite.


  1. Flores Bajawa Coffee

Not only Flores is famous for its beauty, it’s also famous for its coffee. There’s Bajawa coffee. It’s produced in Ngada regency. The lands in this area consist of Andosols. It comes from volcanic ashes. Thus, the land is quite fertile. What about the taste of the coffee? It’s fruity. It also has the taste of tobacco.


  1. Sulawesi / Celebes Coffee

In Tana Toraja, you may find many coffee plantations. It has similar taste as Sumatran coffee. Though, it’s a little bit more acidic. The coffee beans are smaller than others. What about the smell? It’s earthy and aromatic. Overall, it’s a unique coffee. Everyone should try it once. Many people call Sulawesi coffee as Celebes Kalossi. The richest source of coffee beans is in Ujung Pandang, Enrekang, and Tana Toraja. This becomes one of the best options for Indonesian coffee.

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