Exploring the Wilderness of Dempo Mountain

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Dempo Mountain

Dempo Mountain

South Sumatra has a hidden nature. The name is Dempo Mountain. It’s located in Pagaralam city. If you come from Palembang, it takes about 8 hours of driving. Here’s an interesting fact about the mountain. Dempo is the second tallest mountain in Sumatra Island after Kerinci Mountain. It has the height of 3159 Mdpl. It’s easy to reach the mountain. Dempo is famous for its trekking opportunity. Many visitors come here for an adventure. There are some services near to the mountain. They charge you 300 IDR ($30 USD) for a 2D1N (2 Day One Night) service.

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Dempo Mountain Trekking

 Most of the tourists rely on the help of a porter. For an extra day service, you must pay 100 IDR more. What is the job of a porter? He has the responsibility to carry your belongings. That means you will hike along with a porter to the rest area. A porter also helps you to build a tent. In some cases, he will help you to cook. It takes more than 8 hours to reach the top of the mountain. Therefore, the help of a porter is compulsory. The best time to start the journey is in the morning. You must start at 7 am.

Dempo Mountain

First entrance of Dempo Mountain

Dempo Mountain

Pintu Rimba of Dempo Mountain

From the first entrance of Dempo Mountain, you are going to reach the shelter 1. The next destinations are shelter 2 and the summit of Dempo. Remember, you may expect an uncomfortable journey. It’s one of your best trekking experiences. That’s for sure. Once you reach the top of the mountain, you are going to visit the rest area. It’s situated on the hill of Dempo. You need to build a tent here. In the next day, you can continue the adventure.

Dempo Expedition 2016

Shelter 2 situation of Dempo Mountain


Dempo Mountain

Extreme trekking of Dempo Mountain

Dempo Mountain


Things to Do in Dempo Mountain

Dempo Mountain

Dempo Mountain

Merapi crater of Dempo Mountain

Why is the mountain famous? Most of the visitors have a common reason. They want to reach the top of it. The mountain offers an amazing view of an active crater. It can even change its color depending on the weather. You should be on the top of the mountain at 6 am. The views are jaw-dropping. Approximately, it takes 30 minutes to reach the summit of the mountain from the rest area. If you want to go down to the first shelter, it takes about 5 hours. The best time to go down is at 12 pm.

Dempo Mountain

Summit of Dempo Mountain 3159 mdpl (Meters above sea level) 4 sept 2016

No worries. You can also find a good accommodation near to the mountain. For instance, there’s Villa Gunung Gare. The room rates are reasonable. Also, there are some villas and bungalows. Their location is a little bit remote, though. In order to start trekking, you need to register at the tea company headquarters. You can skip this procedure if you have a local companion. During weekends, you need to pay a small fee for entering the trekking location.

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You don’t need to worry about the water sources. Kampung Empat trail provides you with abundant water. The rest area is situated at the Plataran valley. It’s a comfortable camping area of Dempo Mountain. There’s a good source of water here. That means you won’t get thirsty while resting. Some tourists decide to bring a camera. What about you? Are you ready to conquer this mountain?

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