The Famous Bengawan Solo River

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Bengawan Solo River

Bengawan Solo River

What do you know about Bengawan Solo River? It is a famous river in Java. The length is about 600 km. With this fact, the river becomes the longest one in Java Island. The basic function of the river is for farmlands watercourse. In the past, it also became the crash location of Garuda Indonesia 421. In order to recognize the river, you should know its sources. It comes from Kidul Mountain and Mount Lawu. The river passes through most part of Solo City.

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Learning the History of Bengawan Solo River

The river has been the part of the history. It has become an important water source for rice farming. It is because the river consists of volcanic soil. Apart from that, the river also became a waterway between northern coast cities and the hinterlands. Many people used the river to distribute the rice to other cities. During the Dutch colonialism, the river also played a significant role in the cultivation system. Today, it becomes one of the best tourist attractions in Solo.

In a nutshell, Bengawan Solo River is Solo’s great asset. Not only it is famous among local people, but it is also popular among foreigners. There is also a legendary song composed by Gesang Martohartono. He used the river as his object in his song. In fact, many people recognize the river through this song. Today, the government tries to improve the popularity of the river. The aim is to attract more tourists. It holds a significant potential, after all.

The river can be a good place for heritage trailing. Not to mention it can be an interesting vacation retreat. The options are limitless. Some people even use the river as a background for their photography. Next, it is also suitable for a fishing spot. For families, some parts of the river can be a medium for water sports. What is more? You can enjoy a culinary adventure nearby. It will be fun if you can ride a boat and explore the river. Hopefully, the government may accommodate such type of attraction.


Bengawan Solo River Should be a Vacation Destination

There isn’t any official fishing spot. If you want to go fishing, you must find a good spot by your own. Overall, the river needs lots of improvement. It isn’t wise to waste its potential. Currently, the river is only famous for its cultural tourism. The best destination is Kampung Sewu. It was a crucial site during the 18th century. Not to mention there was Beton Port here. If you visit Kampung Sewu, you can explore the reminiscence of the port. Also, you can learn its history.

Bengawan Solo River is also famous for its traditional ritual. For instance, there is Apem Sewu ritual. Local people give free Apem cake to participants. It’s done every 19 Dzulhijah. Therefore, the best time to visit the river is during this event. In order to attract more visitors, the government should do some improvements to it. It takes time, but it will be worth the effort. Not to mention it has a valuable history. Everyone are likely to visit the river either for a vacation or a heritage trail.

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